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Pop quiz: What are you doing tomorrow and the next day? If you enjoy delicious beer, scrumptious food and excellent music in a convivial atmosphere, you’ll be heading to the fourth annual Magic City Brewfest! The good folks at Free the Hops (why haven’t you joined yet?), whose efforts resulted in the lifting of the [...]

Through a gchat custom status message from one of my friends, I discovered Kutiman and his latest project, ThruYou an online album composed entirely of sampled amateur youtube music videos from around the world. Here’s the first track, which is also my favorite. It’s called: “The Mother of all Funk Chords”: Lagniappe: Listen to and [...]

It’s been too long since I posted a WW, so this week’s is a “special” treat. This song (the Star Wars Theme/ Cantina Band by Meco) was the number one song on my original birthday in 1977. Note: today is not my birthday, but the stalker-inclined among you can certainly discover the exact date if [...]

Hola Amigos, It’s been awhile since I rapped at ya. Been engaged elsewhere these pat few weeks, but I hope this week’s WW heralds a return to my my semi-regular postings of yore. I have managed to keep up semi-regular postings at the two group blogs, I contribute to: Fr33 Agents and Pieces of Flair. [...]

These guys were definitely part of my college soundtrack. Well before Stacy’s Mom, these guys were poking fun at American life and dreaming of the out-of-reach girl. I couldn’t find a good version of their song “Leave the Biker” for the main selection, but if you do, give it a listen. Instead, we’ll go with [...]

Another January is bearing down on us. As we close the door to 2008 and open up 2009, I figured a selection worthy of Janus the god of gates and doors in Roman mythology. Janus from the Latin “ianua” (the Romans didn’t have a “j” in their alphabet:) meaning “gate” or “door” is where we [...]

Do you like modern music? Oh, I think it’s marvelous. Some of it, really fine… Here’s the full story.

Warblin’ Wednesdays: Major Maker

I’m ashamed that it’s taken me so long to make my favorite Icelandic-Canadian rockstar, Lindy Vopnfjord (try saying that three times fast:), the subject of a WW. Lindy is one half of the indie rock duo that make up Major Maker. I met Lindy last summer at the Liberty Summer Seminar. Among other things, Lindy [...]

Warblin’ Wednesdays: Jimi Hendrix

To make up for the earnest uptightness of the last post:), here’s something to mellow everyone out a bit. One of the greatest guitarists of all time, I wish he had stuck around for much longer. Though, again, it’s impossible to single out one Hendrix track, I have always appreciated The Wind Cries Mary: It’s [...]

It’s high time I spotlighted the Crowes, who are indeed the most rock-n-roll band in rock-in-roll. Sadly, I missed their show at the Alabama a few weeks ago. Still kicking myself for that one. For this week’s selection, I pick the first song of theirs that I heard many years ago (though “Hard to Handle” [...]