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Life imitates art

I’m don’t follow Hollywood gossip and I didn’t see it when it originally aired, but this: Instantly brought to mind this: Phoenix knows what to expect from Letterman and ought to have been prepared to play ball. Letterman took some unfair potshots, but that should be expected too. No doubt Phoenix is depressed or perhaps [...]

Shameless self-promotion

One of the perqs of being a volunteer at this year’s Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, apart from meeting fantastic people and learning a bit about film festivals and indie films was a kind shoutout from one of our distinguished jurors, Mr. Eric Campos of filmthreat. From now on feel free to address me as “Captain [...]

Sorry for the late notice, but if you’re a fan of independent films or just looking for something to do this weekend, come on out to the Sidewalk Festival and check out some amazing independent films!

Lawrence of Arabia and motorcycle safety

I recently watched Lawrence of Arabia for the first time and found it to be quite good, nothing mindblowing, but still really quite good. In case you didn’t know (and I’m probably one of the few who didn’t), it is based on the life of Col. T.E. Lawrence, an archaeologist who became a renowned, if [...]

Yeah, but he’s a neocon Dude.

No, seriously, he’s a neocon with a record. Spent eight years in the White House…. Ok, so torturing those famous lines doesn’t make much sense, but this piece in Slate does (ok, so it’s stretching a bit too:) and celebrates the release of a new edition of one of the best films of all time: [...]

Batman and Burritos

Kevin and I went to see the Dark Knight in imax at the Space Center in Huntsville on Monday. It was a bit of a drag to have to drive to Huntsville just to see the film in imax (the McWane Center isn’t carrying it), but well worth it. I plan on seeing it again, [...]

The Last King of Scotland

Is an excellent film that I just got around to watching last night. If you’re like me and generally ignorant of post-colonial African history, this film will help pique your interest, though it is, of course, merely “inspired by true events” and not historically accurate in many respects. My friend and former colleague, Gene Healy, [...]

Madison Kitchens, fresh from a viewing of The Prestige, suggests a post on William Ellsworth Robinson, an American stage magician, who took on the guise of a Chinese conjurer to make his act more “exotic.” He is also famous for the bullet-catch trick, in which he appeared to be catching bullets with his teeth or [...]

Aronofsky Redux

Lots of Redux lately. I’ve received a bit of flak for my post on Requiem for a Dream. While I remain unmoved on that film, I did want to mention that I watched Pi in college and found it engaging. I thought it was very well done, especially how Max Cohen’s life was destroyed as [...]