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Infuriating things

People who fail to use merge lanes and/or treat yield signs as stop signs. Look, I understand that not every yield sign has a merge lane accompanying it and in that case you may have to stop at the yield sign during high traffic. However, many, if not most, of the yield signs in the [...]

So, the Alabama senate on its last day in session decided to have another semi-filibuster and not even get around to considering the Gourmet Beer Bill. Here’s hoping for a special session, but I, for one, am pretty upset that our elected representatives continue to act like children (not all of them mind you) and [...]

Because at least one state legislator there thinks legislation banning fake testicles for vehicles is a such an urgent problem that a bill prohibiting such needs to be passed right now. Florida is not the leader in this particular form of legislative idiocy. I’m not going to puts balls on my Honda, but I support [...]

Kevin, who currently lives in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, sends along this post from Clearing the Air, lamenting the demise of nearly 200 restaurants and bars in Minnesota thanks in no small part to that states smoking ban. “Theater nights” have helped others to stay in business. At least these business owners weren’t driven [...]

Back in June, I lamented the fact that ethanol subsidies were driving up the costs for many grains (as more farmers switched to the subsidized grains and away from barley and other beer-making grains) thus making beer more expensive. Over at Reason, my friend Peter Suderman who I was happy to share some brews with [...]

Bama’s Nannies

Reason for a proposal to require a “stun gun” license for TASERS: “I don’t want them to get in the wrong hands. I would hate to see children or teenagers having TASER parties and shooting each other,” Hurst said. Here’s the full story. Don’t get me wrong, TASERs are a weapon and not nearly as [...]

Very bad incentives

Daily Dixie has the scoop on a law here in Bama that allows sheriffs to pocket funds “left over” after feeding inmates as personal income. I’m not advocating steak dinners for inmates or anything (in fact Nutraloaf seems acceptable or even allowing inmates to make their own concoctions), but such a law encourages exactly the [...]

War on plastic bags…

Because outlawing the actual drugs has worked so well. The Chicago city council is seriously considering a measure to ban small plastic bags because they could be used in packaging and distributing drugs. Note to Chicago residents: If banning small bags is one of the best ideas that your local government officials can come up [...]

Statewide smoking ban?

Several municipalities in Alabama have already passed smoking bans, but that’s evidently not good enough for the bureaucrats at Goat Hill (Bama’s version of Capitol Hill in Montgomery). This AP article provides details on the proposal. Here’s the money graf: Her [Sen. Vivian D. Figures (D-Mobile)] bill would prohibit smoking in all workplaces and nearly [...]

Expect problems like this to occur as these regs are implemented. Hopefully, more states will join this list of seventeen in refusing to implement Real ID. Via Jim Harper at my old blog-stomping grounds, the Technology Liberation Front. Update: Real ID won’t apply to federal judges.