On the road again Archive


I’m on the road this week, which is one of the reasons for the light posting, but in the meantime I’ve dug up a couple of gems for your evening reading Appropos of nothing, here are two great articles by or about folks who’ve become disillusioned with strongly held beliefs: David Mamet discovers spontaneous order, [...]

To anyone still reading this blog: I’m back and mostly recovered. Will try to get posts and pictures up soon.

Back in a week

I’ve extended my trip for a week, but I’ll be back in the US, God willing, on the 14th. Headed to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia on Thursday and then to Bangkok on Monday. I have lots to report on, so expect a flood of posts when the jetlag wears off.

Holiday in Cambodia

Nothing to do with the famous Dead Kennedys’ number, but I’m off to Phnom Penh to visit a good friend of mine from law school. Not sure if I’ll have an opportunity to blog while there, but I will be taking plenty of pictures and will travelblog when I return. (Yes, I realize that I [...]

I am finally ready to start recounting my adventures over the past month or so. I am calling this the Great North American Travelogue because I traveled from Birmingham to DC to Canada (Ontario and Quebec) through the Northeastern US, briefly back to B’ham and then down to Florida, a few pit stops in Mexico [...]

Back again…

And I won’t be leaving again for a while, which should keep those of you who have not abandoned me up to your ears in exciting new posts for many weeks to come. Did I say ears? It’s more likely to be knees because I type at a snail’s pace. I hope that Peter is [...]

I have returned

But will be heading out again in a couple of days. As you can see, my plan for posting during the trip did not work out, but I will try to get a few posts and photos up in the next couple of days. Overall, Crash Across America went extremely well and the Liberty Summer [...]

Blogging forecast

for the next two weeks: Light and scattered posts. I’m on the road for the next two weeks headed up to Liberty Summer Seminar and participating in Crash Across America. I will try to post something at every stop along the way, but not sure what kind of access I’ll have to the internets. If [...]

Chicagologue, pt. 2

Part One here. Sorry for taking so long to finish this up, but it was a really good trip. Hopefully, this post will finish up the trip. On Sunday after a much-needed good night’s sleep, we took to the streets of Chicago and visited Grant Park and Millennium Park joined by my friend Nikki, who [...]

Chicagologue, pt. 1

Saturday, June 24th: After too little sleep, about 4 hours for most of us despite our best intentions, Team Penske, which is what Kevin, Gil, Danny and myself had dubbed our merry band, hit the road bound for Chi-town. Not that Team Penske, but 4 intrepid adventurers on a cross-country race involving only one competitor. [...]