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Pop quiz: What are you doing tomorrow and the next day? If you enjoy delicious beer, scrumptious food and excellent music in a convivial atmosphere, you’ll be heading to the fourth annual Magic City Brewfest! The good folks at Free the Hops (why haven’t you joined yet?), whose efforts resulted in the lifting of the [...]

Update II: Our rally was quite a success! We had about 30 people at any given time down at Five Points and close to 50 back at the meeting on Highland Avenue. We also had several news outlets cover us including: The Birmingham News, Fox 6 and CBS 42. Here’s the video coverage from CBS [...]

And the beat goes on…After last year’s victory in raising the ABV limit for beer here in ‘bama, there are two more battles this legislative session (going on now!) important for folks who dig liberty as well as a tasty brew. Currently, Alabama brewers of which there aren’t many due to the regulations I’m about [...]

Gov. Rick Perry’s speeches supportive of the tea parties and a stronger Tenth Amendment also hints at the possibility of Texas using secession threats as part of future negotiations with the feds, which is precisely what Free State Project folks have said they would try to use secession threats for—bargain for freedom with the threat [...]

COPS for Cops

Every time another story about police abuse or corruption breaks, we hear the same story: these were renegade cops; this was an isolated incident; this type of behavior is rare. What’s clear is that in many departments across this country, a culture of corruption and patterns of abuse are commonplace and, if anything, increasing. Many [...]

A regulatory hangover that is. While it’s true that the repeal of Prohibition ended the federal ban on alcohol sales, it set loose a flurry of state and local regulations designed to keep US citizens away from alcohol. The 3-tier alcohol distribution system is probably the worst of these regulations in that it makes alcohol [...]


To my friend Agata whose brilliant concept (see video below) for growing food in transit just made Time’s Best Inventions of 2008 list! Made in Transit: Agata is also a fantastic dance partner!:)

Many Thanks!!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and supported the Birmingham Folk Festival this past weekend! We had a great time and it would not have been possible without the hard work of many folks including our sponsors, volunteers, vendors, musical acts, artists, attendees, Birmingham city workers and the kindness of friends and strangers. [...]

Just finished this excellent article on the Cristo Rey Network of entrepreneurial schools where students pay for much of their tuition by working for a private employer several days a month during the school year with promising results: These start-ups are all committed to enrolling only low-income kids; network-wide, 72 percent of students qualify for [...]

World Malaria Day

Is today, April 25th. Here’s last year’s entry. Against Malaria and Africa Fighting Malaria are two great organizations that are fighting this scourge in different but complementary ways. Against Malaria provides insecticide-treated bednets to folks in regions of the world where Malaria is prevalent, such as parts of Africa and Southeast Asia. Malaria-carrying mosquitoes tend [...]