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Update II: It’s snowing again! Maybe we’ll get a four-day weekend:) Update: Local filmmaker Chance Shirley captures the event better than I could hope to: ——————————— Original post: So it’s not as catchy as stars falling here, but still a notable event. It also gives me an opportunity to subject you to snow pictures along [...]

Thomas Lynch: Undertaker & Poet

I was reminded today of Thomas Lynch. He visited Hillsdale when I was there, and, upon a friend’s recommendation, I went to his poetry reading. One poem in particular, entitled Grimalkin, struck me as beautiful, even though I am an animal lover and it’s subject is a father’s hatred of his son’s cat. Lynch’s writings, [...]


Every once in a while, I write down a few lines and call it poetry. Much of it is awful, but I came up with this little haiku recently that I thought was pretty good: Walking on eggshells To prevent you from breaking. People are fragile.

For no reason at all, except that he’s one of my favorite poets, here’s some T.S. Eliot for you on a glorious Sunday afternoon: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and The Hollow Men