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Pop quiz: What are you doing tomorrow and the next day? If you enjoy delicious beer, scrumptious food and excellent music in a convivial atmosphere, you’ll be heading to the fourth annual Magic City Brewfest! The good folks at Free the Hops (why haven’t you joined yet?), whose efforts resulted in the lifting of the [...]

Nothing new to report on the romance front and this post will not be as long or elaborate as year’s past, but i do want to remind everyone of one of the best commentaries on St. Valentine’s life and work ever. Dig it here.

Update II: Our rally was quite a success! We had about 30 people at any given time down at Five Points and close to 50 back at the meeting on Highland Avenue. We also had several news outlets cover us including: The Birmingham News, Fox 6 and CBS 42. Here’s the video coverage from CBS [...]

And the beat goes on…After last year’s victory in raising the ABV limit for beer here in ‘bama, there are two more battles this legislative session (going on now!) important for folks who dig liberty as well as a tasty brew. Currently, Alabama brewers of which there aren’t many due to the regulations I’m about [...]

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre when the Chinese state violently ended weeks of peaceful protests for democratic reform and killed hundreds of its own citizens for daring to speak out against repression. Even though most of us let this day pass unnoticed, the Chinese state has not forgotten and remains [...]

As most of you are no doubt aware, Governor Riley signed the Gourmet Beer Bill into law on Friday. While I’d like to think that my first post as Birmingham’s Political Issues Examiner this past Thursday had something to do with it, the truth is that this victory is the result of the efforts of [...]

This Tuesday, May 16th, will be the first meeting on the Birmingham chapter of Liberty on the Rocks, which is a social club for folks who are fans of freedom. The festivities begin at 7pm at the J. Clyde on Southside. Our very special guests for this initial event are the crew of the Motorhome [...]

Gov. Rick Perry’s speeches supportive of the tea parties and a stronger Tenth Amendment also hints at the possibility of Texas using secession threats as part of future negotiations with the feds, which is precisely what Free State Project folks have said they would try to use secession threats for—bargain for freedom with the threat [...]

Merry Christmas!

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer! This year, I’ll be enjoying many delicious beers thanks to my sis and brother-in-law “smuggling” some Chimay, Aventinus and other tasty treats down from Ohio. Would you like to enjoy such wonderments year-round? Do you wonder why you can’t find imperial stouts or Belgian dubbels and tripels here in [...]

First, the lunacy. Alabama’s Senator Richard Shelby, despite his love of pork and earmarks generally, has taken a semi-principled stand against the financial bailout and, now, the automaker bailout. I applaud him for that and wish that more of our congresscritters would oppose these needless, wasteful bailouts. However, Joe Babiasz, a GM employee, believes that [...]