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Evidently, some topics are too taboo even for Larry Langford: The flap began when Hartley made comments about a “brain drain” in the city and the lack of cooperation between Birmingham and surrounding municipalities. Hartley said most of his classmates don’t live in Birmingham and have moved to other areas. “I wasn’t implying that they [...]

Speaking of ridiculous laws and impediments to progress, senator Hank Erwin is filibustering efforts to get Alabama’s six percent cap on beer removed. And one local blogger, liberty-lover and brew connoisseur is having none of it: Hell hath no fury like a beer aficionado scorned. Steve Gordon is on a roll. He’s calling out state [...]

A tale of two planes

So, a guy steals a plane from a Canadian flight school and flies into US airspace. F-16s are scrambled and eventually the man flying lands on a Missouri highway and is apprehended after leaving the plane. I have no idea who this guy is or why he did what he did, but it strikes me [...]

Fortunately, this sort of nonsense has been mostly squelched here in Bama (for now), but, no doubt Blaine Galliher or some other busybody will try to get another licensing regime passed into law that will pass constitutional muster. Here’s the ever-excellent Reason.tv on the horrors of unlicensed interior designers: The idea that consumers can’t be [...]

Sentence of the hour

“Nations, like individuals, cannot become desperate gamblers with impunity.” This truth applies whether the bet is made by individuals acting foolishly or by governments essentially pooling everyone’s stack to chase a straight draw to the river. The difference is that in the former case, the individual realizes the loss, in the latter, everyone loses. Of [...]

Media Critic’s Market

Media headlines of the past couple of weeks: Tribune Co. (owner of Chicago Tribune, LA Times, etc.) files for bankruptcy, NYT mortgages headquarters, US News & World Report and Christian Science Monitor go web-only and the Rocky Mountain News and other outlets put up for sale. In other words, the print media business is hemorrhaging [...]

Larry Langford indicted

BMLL may have to turn in his suits for prison stripes if he’s convicted on charges of accepting cash and clothes in exchange for preferential treatment in awarding Jefferson County contracts. The charges stem from Langford’s stint on the County Commission, but after nearly bankrupting Fairfield with the Visionland boondoggle and his grandiose pipedreams of [...]

So election season is thankfully drawing to a close here in Alabama as it is in the rest of the US and we can all go back to griping about the economy and screaming at each other for non-political reasons. Mostly, I have stayed aloof from all the back-and-forth, but there’s one ad on the [...]

Here’s a great recent piece from Salon on the debate over whether Autism is actually linked to childhood vaccinations. A taste: Offit also uses the vaccine-autism debate as a case study in how easily society misconstrues science. We are all too eager, he believes, to hold up a single, unverified scientific study as fact. Instead, [...]

Nationalism: so hot right now

Here’s a post that I neglected to publish timely, but since it will just sit around and become more obsolete, I reckon now’s as good a time as any to put it out there. For the record, I love my country and I’m fairly fond of sports, both as a participant and a spectator. I [...]