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World Malaria Day

Is today, April 25th. Here’s last year’s entry. Against Malaria and Africa Fighting Malaria are two great organizations that are fighting this scourge in different but complementary ways. Against Malaria provides insecticide-treated bednets to folks in regions of the world where Malaria is prevalent, such as parts of Africa and Southeast Asia. Malaria-carrying mosquitoes tend [...]

Katherine Mangu-Ward has the scoop on a brilliant plan to rid the world of Malaria using genetically-modified mosquitoes. I had a discussion with someone about this very possibility recently and they scoffed at the very idea. Due to the lack of ubiquitous internets (my hope for temporary, self-organizing nanobot screens to materialize out of thin [...]

Africa wants DDT

The Ugandan Director General for Health Services, Sam Zaramba, pleads with environmental groups to stop trying to prevent Africa from using DDT to control malaria in yesterday’s WSJ. Here’s a taste: The U.S. banned DDT in 1972, spurred on by environmentalist Rachel Carson’s 1962 book “Silent Spring.” Many countries in Europe and around the world [...]