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Booking Blagojevich

Ok, so the title’s misleading. Blago has not yet been brought to justice for attempted simony (in the loose sense of buying/selling power). But since I’m just now getting around to reading Freakonomics (available here), I thought that the passage below was pretty interesting. It’s from page 159 in the economics of parenting chapter. The [...]

The good: Kudos to Gibson Square Books, Ltd. for standing for freedom of expression by agreeing to publish Sherry Jones’ novel about the Mohammed and his child bride, despite intimations from certain quarters that such a move will incite violence. The bad: Posters featuring Angelina Jolie brandishing a gun (or indeed merely holding one) for [...]

Not at all what you’re thinking I can assure you. Not going to debate the meaning of Matthew 10:34-37 or Luke 14:26, for instance. Rather, I draw your attention to this excellent episode of’s Free Will, where the eponymous host (and a friend of mine) interviews Jeff Sharlet on his new book: The Family: [...]

According to this post at Ars Technica, Amazon has chosen to pay a fine of 1,000 Euros a day rather than comply with a French judge’s ruling that its’ free shipping policy, when applied to book orders, violates French law, which prohibits booksellers from offering more than a five percent discount off of a book’s [...]

One of the best storytellers I have ever come across, Fraser’s bawdy Flashman stories are a delight, though I cut my teeth on The Pyrates, or at least thought I had (see below). Here is an obit. Here is Fraser’s Wikipedia entry, where I was surprised to learn that he co-wrote the screenplays for several [...]

Faith & Politics

Just ran across this interesting discussion over at Slate. The book, God’s Harvard, which occasioned the discussion, is available here.