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Update II: Our rally was quite a success! We had about 30 people at any given time down at Five Points and close to 50 back at the meeting on Highland Avenue. We also had several news outlets cover us including: The Birmingham News, Fox 6 and CBS 42. Here’s the video coverage from CBS [...]

As y’all know, I recently joined the twittersphere. It appears that state senator Erwin, who is holding up the Gourmet Beer Bill, has also been tweetin’. As indefatigable freedom fighter Steve Gordon notes, Mr. Erwin has been tweeting away about his thus far successful efforts at filibustering to prevent the Gourmet Beer Bill from being [...]

Speaking of ridiculous laws and impediments to progress, senator Hank Erwin is filibustering efforts to get Alabama’s six percent cap on beer removed. And one local blogger, liberty-lover and brew connoisseur is having none of it: Hell hath no fury like a beer aficionado scorned. Steve Gordon is on a roll. He’s calling out state [...]

Passed the house this week, despite absurd and blatantly wrong diatribes by opponents. (Listen here) The level of debate has not much improved since last year when the measure also passed. Does this faux moralistic tongue wagging fool anyone these days? It’s for the children! No, you’re playing to your base and evidently some members’ [...]

The above is quite funny by itself, but Lady Thatcher wasn’t quite sure that anyone would get it or whether this Monty Python “fellow” ought to be trusted in the first place. Writes her former Private Secretary, John Whittingdale: Finally, we got to the day of the speech. The text was finished, it had been [...]

Booking Blagojevich

Ok, so the title’s misleading. Blago has not yet been brought to justice for attempted simony (in the loose sense of buying/selling power). But since I’m just now getting around to reading Freakonomics (available here), I thought that the passage below was pretty interesting. It’s from page 159 in the economics of parenting chapter. The [...]

Another January is bearing down on us. As we close the door to 2008 and open up 2009, I figured a selection worthy of Janus the god of gates and doors in Roman mythology. Janus from the Latin “ianua” (the Romans didn’t have a “j” in their alphabet:) meaning “gate” or “door” is where we [...]

President Barack Obama

I, for one, am glad that John McCain did not win last night. Though I voted for the Libertarian Bob Barr, of the major party candidates, Obama at least seems engaged and open to new, fresh ideas. I disagree with many of his positions, but I’m hopeful that his presidency will usher in a more [...]

This will be the last political post until after the election. Because of my recent unannounced absence from the blogosphere I missed out on drawing attention to what may be the sanest piece of broadcast journalism ever produced: John Stossel’s Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics. If you have not yet seen it, watch it. Hint: [...]

A word on the election

Like many of my libertarian and/or Bama bloggy compatriots, I will be headed to the polls tomorrow. Though not necessarily out of any sense of civic duty or other moral compulsion, but to give my support, as I have in previous elections, to the Libertarian Party, which, despite its flaws, is the political party that [...]