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Happy Hour Guys profile Free the Hops! and the J. Clyde: Update on Freddy’s: Barring a miracle, the saloon will be demolished so some fatcats can have a new arena. Freddy’s supporters staged a protest and last hurrah. RIP. PA Keystone LCB Kops raid bars for illegal beers on anonymous tip. Update These raids illustrate [...]

Beer Roundup!

First things first: Remember to keep calling and emailing your state representatives and senators urging them to support the Alabama Brewery Modernization Act (Free the Hops’ legislative effort for this session) and the Homebrew Legalization Act (not an FTH effort, but of course they wholeheartedly support it.) As always, keep informed and active by visiting [...]

Update II: Our rally was quite a success! We had about 30 people at any given time down at Five Points and close to 50 back at the meeting on Highland Avenue. We also had several news outlets cover us including: The Birmingham News, Fox 6 and CBS 42. Here’s the video coverage from CBS [...]

And the beat goes on…After last year’s victory in raising the ABV limit for beer here in ‘bama, there are two more battles this legislative session (going on now!) important for folks who dig liberty as well as a tasty brew. Currently, Alabama brewers of which there aren’t many due to the regulations I’m about [...]

And encourage him or her to vote yes on HB373. The Gourmet Beer bill looks to be heading to a floor vote in the senate and needs your help to get it passed! Free the Hops!

Through a gchat custom status message from one of my friends, I discovered Kutiman and his latest project, ThruYou an online album composed entirely of sampled amateur youtube music videos from around the world. Here’s the first track, which is also my favorite. It’s called: “The Mother of all Funk Chords”: Lagniappe: Listen to and [...]

Reason continues their excellent series with this piece on the craft beer revolution in these here united states: Speaking of the craft brew revolution, Beer Wars, hits theaters next month! Here’s a sample: In some states, though, craft brewers are behaving badly. Michelle Minton reports that craft brewers in Colorado are opposing measures that [...]

When kid’s dirtbikes are outlawed because of lead content, only outlaw kids will ride dirtbikes, er something like that. Motorcycles, dirtbikes, ATVs designed for younger riders cannot be sold under the CPSIA provisions which took effect last month, according to this AP story (link via Reason). Not only will children be deprived of vintage or [...]

It’s been awhile since I blogged about delicious beer on this here blog, so here you go: Above image from Neat-o-Rama’s fun facts about beer. I guess you just punch a hole in the bag and chug. Also, St. Arnold is the patron saint of brewing–good to know. (Link via BunBun) Good news on the [...]

Like Brian, Radley and Virginia, I have known about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act for a while, but failed to write about it because I’ve been busy with other things and it’s hard to know where to direct your efforts when there are so many foolish laws and regs luging through the halls of [...]