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Update II: It’s snowing again! Maybe we’ll get a four-day weekend:) Update: Local filmmaker Chance Shirley captures the event better than I could hope to: ——————————— Original post: So it’s not as catchy as stars falling here, but still a notable event. It also gives me an opportunity to subject you to snow pictures along [...]

Hola Amigos, It’s been awhile since I rapped at ya, but I’m thinking about blogging again. Where have I been, you may wonder (or not)? I’ve been right here in Bama, as always, planning, scheming, failing and getting back up to do it all over again. I kind of lost my taste for blogging and [...]

The Belgian Job

Incredible, but true, story of possibly the largest diamond heist in history from the latest issue of Wired. Moral of the story: Be very careful when throwing out the trash.

One of my favorite things

The phrase: “dumb as a bag of hammers”:)

A roundup to facilitate your Monday web wanderings: The Partying Priest How Visiting Your Family Warps Your Brain (a good explanation for holiday family feuds) Fortify Your Cocktails W/ Port (Port, Madeira and other fortified wines are underrated and delicious.) Russian Professor claims recent events are confirming his theory that the US will cease to [...]

Thinking Aloud

“Thinking aloud is a habit responsible for much of mankind’s misery.” So says Benjamin Franklin, or at least his character played by Tom Wilkinson in the so far-excellent HBO miniseries: “John Adams,” which I have only recently begun. I have no idea whether the quote is historically accurate, but I will venture thinking aloud. Does [...]

Remarks I Resemble

From SWPL: Today, white people keep The Blues going strong by taking vacations to Memphis, forming awkward bands, making documentaries, and organizing folk festivals. (Emphasis added:)

All hail Akismet?

As some of you know, I’ve been getting deluged with massive amounts of spam comments that up until yesterday, I was sorting through by hand because my publishing ware’s (wordpress) default spam moderator doesn’t seem to have any sort of spam recognition function. Instead, it just dumps all comments into a moderation queue until you [...]

In light of this, I was sorely tempted to post some Tenacious D this week. (In that vein, check out this post on the economics of bigfoot and UFOs). Also, I missed the passing of Isaac Hayes. Despite his adherence to a sci-fi religion, the man was definitely a paladin of funky grooves. But, with [...]

WP comment eating/bleg

Can I just say how frustrating and not user-friendly WordPress’ comment management system is. I continue to lose comments like G.R. Kearney’s comment on the Cristo Rey Network post and Xaq’s comment on the White Knight Two post. Google’s cache is not quick enough to save me this time and there appears to be no [...]