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Nothing new to report on the romance front and this post will not be as long or elaborate as year’s past, but i do want to remind everyone of one of the best commentaries on St. Valentine’s life and work ever. Dig it here.

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre when the Chinese state violently ended weeks of peaceful protests for democratic reform and killed hundreds of its own citizens for daring to speak out against repression. Even though most of us let this day pass unnoticed, the Chinese state has not forgotten and remains [...]

Sentence of the hour

“Nations, like individuals, cannot become desperate gamblers with impunity.” This truth applies whether the bet is made by individuals acting foolishly or by governments essentially pooling everyone’s stack to chase a straight draw to the river. The difference is that in the former case, the individual realizes the loss, in the latter, everyone loses. Of [...]

It’s been awhile since I blogged about delicious beer on this here blog, so here you go: Above image from Neat-o-Rama’s fun facts about beer. I guess you just punch a hole in the bag and chug. Also, St. Arnold is the patron saint of brewing–good to know. (Link via BunBun) Good news on the [...]

Hola Amigos, It’s been awhile since I rapped at ya. Been engaged elsewhere these pat few weeks, but I hope this week’s WW heralds a return to my my semi-regular postings of yore. I have managed to keep up semi-regular postings at the two group blogs, I contribute to: Fr33 Agents and Pieces of Flair. [...]

Remember, Remember The fifth of December The violent season and rot I see no reason why the violent season Should ever be forgot Forgive my bad poetry, but we all ought to remember the thirteen-year violent season and the tainted bathtub gin that alcohol prohibition wreaked in this country. Because of Prohibition, bootlegging became a [...]

Searching for Rhodium

Like may of you perhaps, I found myself wondering what the heck Rhodium was (and whether like so many things, it was named after Cecil Rhodes) after hearing the rumor (now denied) about Barack Obama’s gift of a $30,000 ring of that metal to his wife Michelle. Rhodium is a rare and very expensive metal [...]

“A Penny for the Guy”

Today is November Fifth or as its known in the UK and former Commonwealth countries: Guy Fawkes’ Day. Read all about it here and get in touch with your inner Anglophile to celebrate if you like. If you’re not inclined to read the backstory above, here’s a summary: Guy Fawkes and his friends were a [...]