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So, I just caved and joined twitter. My first tweet: “Note to Michael Calderone: JournoList and JList are very different.” I know, it should have been hello world, but since i don’t have any followers, I figured I would put something else out there even though that still means I’m talking to empty space. [...]

All hail Akismet?

As some of you know, I’ve been getting deluged with massive amounts of spam comments that up until yesterday, I was sorting through by hand because my publishing ware’s (wordpress) default spam moderator doesn’t seem to have any sort of spam recognition function. Instead, it just dumps all comments into a moderation queue until you [...]

If you don’t use the WordPress blogging platform, the following will probably not be of interest. Sometimes I accidentally delete/spam comments that I meant to approve and sometimes comments are “eaten” by WordPress (though that hasn’t happened in quite some time). The version of WordPress I’m using (2.6.2) has links for “show all comments”, show [...]


Here’s the story. Wired has more.

Radley points to this interesting article on sport lock picking. Though the sport lock picking community would no doubt brand me a n00b for my modest exploit, I have always been fascinated by how locks work and dismayed to discover that many states, including Bama, regulate who can buy/own lock picking tools. I think realtors, [...]

By the way, my CPU arrived on Monday with a new motherboard and a new will to live. It’s currently performing like a rockstar and I want to thank the good technicians at Acer for promptly fixing it. As we say in Bama: ‘Preciate ya!

The latest issue of the always-excellent Wired Magazine is chock-full of ways to improve your cognition and memory. It also debunks some some commonly-held memory myths: ginkgo, speed-reading and music are on the list. They also include this handy disclaimer: All increased intelligence becomes the property of WIRED magazine (hereafter referred to as “The Magazine”) [...]

Wisdom on the Web

My friend and former colleague, some call him Tim, reviews Clay Shirky’s new book on how “boring” technology is changing the world and interviews Shirky to boot. Shirky’s book is called: Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations. It appears to be chock full of economic insights and non-conventional wisdom and can be [...]

I went to the Free the Hops open beer tasting this past Saturday and had the opportunity, along with comrades Kevin, Shaun, Sean and comradette Stefanie, to sample many delicious and/or interesting beers, including Rochefort’s Trappist Ales “6″ and “8″ (8 was better imho), several delicious stouts and porters, including a delicious Polish porter, Zywiec, [...]

Coolest. Graph. Ever.

This NYT graph is one of the most striking displays of info I’ve ever seen. Be sure to use the scroll bar along the bottom to view the entire thing. Update: The link is now included above. Sorry bout that. Via Shaun.