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Nothing new to report on the romance front and this post will not be as long or elaborate as year’s past, but i do want to remind everyone of one of the best commentaries on St. Valentine’s life and work ever. Dig it here.

So, I just caved and joined twitter. My first tweet: “Note to Michael Calderone: JournoList and JList are very different.” I know, it should have been hello world, but since i don’t have any followers, I figured I would put something else out there even though that still means I’m talking to empty space. [...]

It’s been too long since I posted a WW, so this week’s is a “special” treat. This song (the Star Wars Theme/ Cantina Band by Meco) was the number one song on my original birthday in 1977. Note: today is not my birthday, but the stalker-inclined among you can certainly discover the exact date if [...]

Like Brian, Radley and Virginia, I have known about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act for a while, but failed to write about it because I’ve been busy with other things and it’s hard to know where to direct your efforts when there are so many foolish laws and regs luging through the halls of [...]

Remember, Remember The fifth of December The violent season and rot I see no reason why the violent season Should ever be forgot Forgive my bad poetry, but we all ought to remember the thirteen-year violent season and the tainted bathtub gin that alcohol prohibition wreaked in this country. Because of Prohibition, bootlegging became a [...]

War of the Worlds! Seventy years ago today, a young Orson Welles scared the crap out of one million Americans with a radio drama, scripted to sound like a news bulletin, describing an alien invasion of New York City. Tens of thousands of people headed for the hills, called the police and/or bought firearms or [...]

Sorry for the late notice, but if you’re a fan of independent films or just looking for something to do this weekend, come on out to the Sidewalk Festival and check out some amazing independent films!

The good: Kudos to Gibson Square Books, Ltd. for standing for freedom of expression by agreeing to publish Sherry Jones’ novel about the Mohammed and his child bride, despite intimations from certain quarters that such a move will incite violence. The bad: Posters featuring Angelina Jolie brandishing a gun (or indeed merely holding one) for [...]

Radley points to this interesting article on sport lock picking. Though the sport lock picking community would no doubt brand me a n00b for my modest exploit, I have always been fascinated by how locks work and dismayed to discover that many states, including Bama, regulate who can buy/own lock picking tools. I think realtors, [...]

Will links to an excellent essay on cultural authoritarianism, for lack of a better term, by Kenan Malik. Malik’s essay demonstrates that many in the multiculturalist left have moved beyond celebrating diversity to actually forcing a particular set of cultural “norms” on individuals who by genetic or geographic happenstance are part of a particular ethnic [...]