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Miracle Fruit

Fruit that makes lemon juice taste like lemonade? That makes a stout taste like a milkshake? Sound like science fiction? Well, it’s science fact. Jacob Grier, my friend and former neighbor, who runs the always-interesting Eternal Recurrence, first alerted me to the curious properties of this miraculous fruit here. The Wall Street Journal wrote up [...]

The Avett Brothers

Going to see the Avett Brothers tonight w/ Will Kimbrough. This will be the third or fourth time I have seen the Avetts and I don’t go to that many shows. If you like high-energy folk/Americana, you need to check these guys out. Tonight’s show will be in T-Town at the Bama Theater.

I never forget a…

Fascinating article in Wired (Nov. 2006 issue–yes I am catching up:) on Prosopagnosia, or face blindness: the inability to recognize faces, including one’s own, to various degrees. The article notes that online groups of people with the condition has enabled researchers to start to get a handle on what causes this condition. So far, they’ve [...]

Golden Rule Rules

Golden Rule BBQ, depending on the location (avoid Lakeview), has some of the best barbecue I’ve ever tasted and today at lunch I found out that they make tasty, juicy cheeseburgers as well. I went to the Hoover location on Hwy 31, my favorite location, both for the atmosphere and the food. Order a jumbo [...]

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have been unable to login to my gmail account since last night. I keep getting a server error page and a note about checking back in a few minutes. I love gmail, it’s one of the best products that google has come out with so [...]

Free The Hops!

Many of you here in Alabama may be aware of the Prohibition-era laws that regulate the alcohol by volume of beer to 6% and the size of a container of beer to one pint (16 US ounces). One group’s sole mission is to change these antiquated and unnecessary laws. The wonderful folks over at Free [...]

Just saw Requiem for a Dream last night without really knowing anything about it going into it, except that it’s highly regarded by many. It actually was quite different than I expected and presented some very troubling images and decent acting. However, the take-home message that this is the funerary service or soundtrack for the [...]

When the former Congressman from Georgia changed parties from Republican to Libertarian, many folks, including myself, wondered if he would change his tune on the Drug War. In Congress, Barr was a staunch supporter of the Drug War, even as he was denouncing other areas where the federal government had invaded the civil liberties of [...]

My good friend Matt had an embarrassingly hilarious adventure with a filet-o-fish sandwich recently.

Drudge links to this story about San Francisco’s attempt to ban all but environmentally friendly grocery sacks. I.e., petroleum-based sacks are out. I have no problem with environmentally friendly products or technologies, but when governments get involved in picking technologies, for environmental or other reasons, we all lose in the long run. That’s because bureaucracies [...]