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The Last King of Scotland

Is an excellent film that I just got around to watching last night. If you’re like me and generally ignorant of post-colonial African history, this film will help pique your interest, though it is, of course, merely “inspired by true events” and not historically accurate in many respects. My friend and former colleague, Gene Healy, [...]

Happy Honesty Day

Or, perhaps not so happy; depending on your proclivity for lying, it could be a trying day if you follow Robin Hanson‘s advice and try to tell the truth today. Be sure to check out the rest of Robin’s group blog, the excellent Overcoming Bias.

Make your own wine

Without messing with grapes, yeast or hydrometers. Crushpad, “a combination of wine industry veterans and technology industry refugees that want to liberate winemaking from the stereotype of the 5th generation wine family living on the chateau with the Golden Retriever,” allows you to craft your “homemade” wine via the internets and then have it shipped [...]

Mstislav Rostropovich, RIP

One of the world’s greatest cellists is no longer here to grace us with his presence. I am fortunate enough to have seen him perform, once, in Ohio, while I was a college student in Michigan. I had never heard of him, but a friend of mine with good taste in classical music insisted that [...]

Make mail like email

So suggests Jacob. This is a great idea, but don’t hold your breath. The USPS seems to believe that increasing the price of stamps will save the antiquated postal system.

Free Kareem!

I briefly mentioned the case of Kareem Amer during my stint over at If you haven’t heard, Kareem is an Egyptian blogger who was sentenced in February to four years in prison for making comments critical of Islam and of Egypt’s president. The good folks over at are staging demonstrations today in a [...]

Thursday Fun Link

We’re often most ignorant about the things right under our noses. As someone born and raised here in Birmingham, I did not know until yesterday that Stay Hungry, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first role in which his actual voice was used, was filmed and set right here in Birmingham. It also stars Jeff Bridges, Sally Field and [...]

Africa Malaria Day

Malaria kills a person every 30 seconds and is the leading killer of children under age 5 in Africa. Today marks the first Malaria Awareness Day in the US. The good folks over at Africa Fighting Malaria have been working for years to raise awareness and advocate realistic solutions for Africa’s struggle with this dread [...]

Though it hasn’t passed yet, the City of Homewood, the suburb of Birmingham where I live, is considering charging those involved in auto accidents for police and fire assistance at the scene. I’m generally in favor of user fees when it comes to public services, but this is ridiculous and clearly just a ploy to [...]

Read all about it here. Congress has no business regulating online gambling, or any gambling for that matter. The ban passed late last year, after years of being rewritten and reintroduced by various members of Congress. I wrote a few pieces on why prohibiting online gambling is a bad idea several years back when I [...]