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Magic City Brewfest

Come on out to the Magic City Brewfest this Saturday, June 2nd, and sample beers that are new to Alabama. There will be two sessions: afternoon (2-6) and evening (7-11). All proceeds go to support a worthy cause: Free the Hops, a group dedicated to overturning Alabama’s Prohibition-era restrictions on the alcohol content and container [...]

The nannies in Bama have finally given up on piecemeal efforts to ban smoking in towns, cities and counties across the state. Senate Bill 155, currently in committee, will make smoking in public places (including bars and restaurants) a Class C Misdemeanor (up to three months in jail or a $500 fine) statewide. I’ve heard [...]

Buy the farm

The phrase has been stuck in my head for days (any psychoanalysts out there?) and I’ve been polling folks to see if anyone has a better explanation for its origin than the one I came up with. My guess (ah, folk etymology:) is that back in the day when life insurance proceeds would actually cover [...]

Over at Reason, Ron Bailey notes that evolutionary neuroscience has confirmed Adam Smith’s critical observation in The Theory of Moral Sentiments that we are hardwired to commiserate more with those in closest proximity to us, e.g., in our family or community, than with those who suffer equal or greater calamities in faraway lands. Happily, as [...]

Neil Tennant, I salute you

One half of the Pet Shop Boys speaks out against celebrities speaking out on issues that they have no special expertise in, specifically Bono. Says Tennant: “I’ve always been against the idea of rock stars lecturing people as if they know something the rest of us don’t – it looks arrogant. “It’s not as if [...]


Never really been a fan of Tool and that remains the case even though I caught their show at the Verizon Wireless Music Center last night. I realize that some folks think of Tool as the best band ever, but they just don’t do it for me. A couple of their songs are pretty good, [...]

Julian posts a well-written reminder to all of us who write or at least aspire to. That last construction “or at least…” is one of my crutches and I’m guilty of many others in the thankfully brief list, as anyone who reads this blog regularly can attest.

Free-Market Peace Corps

I have always been fascinated by the idea of the Peace Corps. Several friends of mine have served and really enjoyed their experiences. It seems to me that a free-market or libertarian peace corps-type organization would be very effective both for participants as well as for the image of the libertarian/classical liberal/free-market “movement” in general. [...]

In this month’s Reason, Jeff Sugg lays out the sorry history of southern corporate subsidies, the chief offender being the Heart of Dixie. He wonders, as I often do, whether spending millions on getting the next auto manufacturing plant is really worth the cost. If corporations need massive direct and indirect (tax breaks) subsidies to [...]

Thomas Lynch: Undertaker & Poet

I was reminded today of Thomas Lynch. He visited Hillsdale when I was there, and, upon a friend’s recommendation, I went to his poetry reading. One poem in particular, entitled Grimalkin, struck me as beautiful, even though I am an animal lover and it’s subject is a father’s hatred of his son’s cat. Lynch’s writings, [...]