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I’m off to Chicago for a few days. Definitely going to a Cubs game. Any other suggestions? Here’s the wikipedia entry for Chi-town. Full report when I return and hopefully photos.

Yes, the title is sarcastic. Representative Spencer Bachus, who, to be fair, is probably in good company with other congresscritters in trying to grasp the “finer” points of internet technology (Ted “series of tubes” Stevens anyone?), is either playing dumb or remarkably clueless in this exchange with Radley Balko after Radley’s testimony at a recent [...]

Father’s Day roundup

Although I’m a little late, Slate had a couple of fascinating pieces on fatherhood just in time for Father’s Day. First up, what having a baby does to a father’s body and brain and, second, parthenogenesis occurs more often than you think. Anytime I hear the word parthenogenesis this interview with William F. Buckley comes [...]

Destination known

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Rojo! If you’re not familiar with the Rancid oeuvre, the title and first line of this post won’t make any sense. Heck, it doesn’t really make any sense anyway, but I think Rojo (2921 Highland Ave. S.) could make a pretty snazzy jingle by adopting the above altered lyrics. Not that [...]

Africa wants DDT

The Ugandan Director General for Health Services, Sam Zaramba, pleads with environmental groups to stop trying to prevent Africa from using DDT to control malaria in yesterday’s WSJ. Here’s a taste: The U.S. banned DDT in 1972, spurred on by environmentalist Rachel Carson’s 1962 book “Silent Spring.” Many countries in Europe and around the world [...]

In Bush’s view, an enemy combatant is anyone he suspects of involvement with terrorism, the battlefield is the entire world, and the cessation of hostilities occurs when terrorism has been decisively vanquished—i.e., never. The upshot is that the president has the unilateral, unreviewable authority to grab legal residents and American citizens off the streets of [...]

Of subsidies and beer

Most folks know that ag subsidies artificially prop up prices for farm products here in the US and Western Europe. For some reason, we have a romantic notion of farmers as something more than just another profession and thus we prop up farms that would otherwise succumb, even though doing so hurts farmers in less-developed [...]

Genarlow Wilson

A Georgia judge has just voided Genarlow Wilson’s ten-year prison sentence on child molestation charges and ordered that his name be removed from the state sex offender registry. Of course, the state has appealed and, if successful, may get his sentence reinstated and back on the registry. This is good news for a talented young [...]

Lane Courtesy Month

In addition to being national Rivers, Safety, Rose and Dairy month as well as international “people skills” month, June also happens to be Lane Courtesy Month, sponsored by the National Motorists Association, to remind folks out on the highways and byways that the left lane is for passing and that keeping the left lane clear [...]

Tesla Vindicated

Sort of. It turns out that electricity (sufficient to power household devices) can be safely and effectively transmitted though the air. A group of MIT researchers have successfully transferred electric power wirelessly. Nikola Tesla, ably played by David Bowie in The Prestige, demonstrated the wireless transmission of energy, including electric power, but suffered public humiliation [...]