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Here are a few links which develop some of the themes in my last post. Not all are Potter-specific, but many are. Rowling’s faith and Christian elements in the series. (Read the comments as well.) Harry Potter is a Hobbit. Harry Potter isn’t great literature? Who cares ? Chesterton’s defense of the Penny Dreadfuls. Tolkien’s [...]


I’ve been in the grips of the Deathly Hallows since getting my hands on a copy yesterday. I’m about halfway through, but posting will continue to be light until I’ve finished. So far, it’s very good. Update: I’m finished. Rowling continues to amaze. Now that I can see the whole picture, the series seems even [...]

Running man

I’ve taken to running in the past couple of months and this Saturday marks my first “competitive” event. Billed as the Twilight/Retro 5k, it features 3.1 miles of running (in case your metric-English converter is off) on an allegedly flat course, a nifty running jersey, and beer and bbq for the racers, the last two [...]

Interesting results on the effects of cold weather on life expectancy.

Good questions

that, unfortunately, will not be asked in tonight’s debate; courtesy of Radley. Here’s a few, but check out the whole list: – A recent study found that over half the country now derives part or all of its income from the federal government. Three of the richest counties in the country are in the D.C. [...]

Ron Paul Revolution

In today’s NYT, a lengthy, detailed and balanced piece on the unconventional candidacy of Ron Paul. In case you haven’t guessed by now, I’m voting for Ron Paul. In fact, this is the first time that I have put a presidential candidate’s bumper sticker on my car and the first time I’ll be voting for [...]

After a 400-year hiatus…

Nikki is back to regularly updating her fabulous blog, Flying Hedgehogs! Well, maybe. I’m sorry that I was partially to blame for the lack of blogging, though somehow I doubt my contribution was particularly significant… Training for a marathon on the other hand is a major time commitment, not to mention extremely fatiguing. I’m having [...]

Though known as a remarkably libertarian country, New Zealand’s politicians are evidently upset that members of the press there feel to no obligation to portray members of parliament in the best possible light. Sometimes journalists in pint and on television even mock politicians, especially MPs, for their ridiculous behavior in parliament. Previously, such reportage was [...]

Lady Bird

Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson, aka Lady Bird, died last week. Many writers and leaders have spent the last week lavishing praise on her life and legacy. Playing the role of Mark Antony, Jack Shafer questions the legacy of Lady Bird and her famously-corrupt husband, Lyndon Baines, the 20th Century’s Andrew Jackson. Several years ago, I [...]

Let the sunshine in

Riffing off this Hit and Run post and the recently published results of the Creighton study mentioned in it, yours truly does a little relative risk analysis in a gentle rebuttal to this article in The Birmingham News. To wit: The recent article on sun-protective clothing (“Good day (harmful) sunshine,” Health, July 9) neglected to [...]