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Holiday in Cambodia

Nothing to do with the famous Dead Kennedys’ number, but I’m off to Phnom Penh to visit a good friend of mine from law school. Not sure if I’ll have an opportunity to blog while there, but I will be taking plenty of pictures and will travelblog when I return. (Yes, I realize that I [...]

Faith & Politics

Just ran across this interesting discussion over at Slate. The book, God’s Harvard, which occasioned the discussion, is available here.


To my sister Vashti and her husband (and my new brother-in-law), Capt. Paul Meyer, who were married this past Saturday! Being in the wedding, I didn’t take any pictures, but here are a few from the reception courtesy of Mary Margaret Talley:

Liquor is quicker

A spate of liquor links: Steve Gordon wonders why the State of Alabama is in the liquor business at all. Why indeed, especially since private liquor stores (called “package stores”) are also allowed to do business in the state? So, we have a system of public (ABC) stores competing against private stores (public stores have [...]


Go out to my good friend Janet, who bought me a pint recently, which was critical because I had worked up a powerful thirst! She’s blogging up a storm in the Great White North (aka Canadia) at Liberty is Good. It is indeed. If you’d like to follow Janet’s lead, the box on your right [...]

Tuesday fun links

This is incredible and by incredible I mean totally awesome. (Via Jason) This is more painful than awesome, but still pretty cool. (Via Kevin) This has nothing to do with cars, bikes or chocolate for that matter, but it’s still pretty cool. (Via Matt)

Via Hit & Run, news that health professionals are recognizing the benefits of harm reduction as an approach to different types of tobacco use. The British Royal College of Physicians has endorsed a relative risk approach to tobacco use, noting that some forms of tobacco use, most notably Swedish-style snus (similar to what we call [...]

I voted McCheese for Mayor

I haven’t really followed the Birmingham mayoral election much, but I was disheartened to see that Larry Langford had won. His “Let’s Do Something!” slogan seemed random, as if it had been plucked from and, of course, I hold to Thoreau’s admonition “that government is best which governs least.” Kincaid’s terms as mayor were [...]

What I am calling the “green patina of freedom,” the mercury in the Statue of Liberty fundraising thermometer on the Paul campaign site, is steadily rising. It’s past half a million w/ the goal of hitting four million by the end of the month and twelve by the end of the quarter. According to a [...]

Nannies nannies everywhere

And not a thought to think. I’ve reported on the movement to reduce the drinking age before and it mus be having some success. MADD, the AMA, the Feds and others have joined forces to form the Support 21 coalition, designed to fight efforts to lower the drinking age to a more rational age of [...]