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Stearns Coffee

On the recommendation of my good friend Jacob who knows a thing or two about these things, I went to the recently-opened Stearns Coffee in Huntsville with some friends. Proprietor Daniel Stearns used to be a coffee chef (I just can’t get used to saying barista) at Murky Coffee in DC with Mr. Grier and [...]

Solely based on this.

Yes, folks this is an original Ron Paul campaign button that has spent the last 19 years gathering dust with other tchotchkes. No longer; not only am I posting it here, but Stephen Gordon represents over at the excellent Third Party Watch. So, I think it’s safe to say that I’m not a fair weather [...]

It comes in pints?

Here’s a petition you would think the Pint Pundit could get behind. Here’s another across the pond. I am certainly aware of the problem and have nearly wept at what passes for a pint these days. A full pint should be at least 16 US fluid ounces or a bit more using British Imperial ounces. [...]

Paper trails

Always a good idea when it comes to counting ballots.

Everything you know is wrong

Debunking persistent myths. And don’t forget the indispensable Snopes.

Stan Jones, the spoiler in the 2006 Montana Senate race that resulted in the Democrats taking control of that august body, has a new, true-blue friend, Paul Karason. Both men became blue after imbibing colloidal silver, an alleged health tonic. Smurfs, Mystique, these guys, and even Vishnu–it’s too easy; someone stop me. Suggested theme song. [...]

Monetary policy gone wild

Evidently occasioned by Ron Paul’s Constitutional/Austrian views on monetary policy (and perhaps the raid on NORFED, maker of the Ron Paul Dollars), Megan McArdle proposes competing commodity currencies, think pork bellies and wheat bushels, rather than bringing back gold standard. It should be noted that while the gold standard is what we think of as [...]

Huckster goes negative

Ever wanted to become a Scottish Laird or Lady? All you have to do is plunk down 30 GBP and bingo you’re a Scottish landholder and thus entitled to a noble title, or so this site would have you believe. Might want to check the size of your plot before you buy. I wonder if [...]