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SOTU blogging

Just in time for tonight’s State of the Union address, the 2008 SOTU drinking game. Bonus Bush link: President Bush’s interpretation of one of his favorite paintings doesn’t quite mesh with reality. Bonus beer link: Too expensive, and presumably delicious (such high octane brews are illegal in Bama), to be wasted on the SOTU drinking [...]

Sunday evening links

This piece by Freakonomics‘ authors Dubner and Levitt powerfully illustrates the law of unintended consequences and the folly of good intentions when it comes to public policy. Oops. And more oops. “That plane doesn’t exist.” (this one’s for the black helicopter folks, which reminds me… (contains profanity). Beware door-to-door tattoo artists. Having fun in the [...]

Is the title of an excellent piece in USA Today pointing to increasing frustration with antiquated, prohibition-era laws prohibiting everything from making real Sangria in Virginia to buying alcohol on election day in Idaho. And, of course, Free the Hops gets some ink for its effort to repeal the 6 percent ABV limit for beer [...]

Of holy wars and holy need

My brother-in-law Paul sends along this interesting and wide-ranging article on the history of Christianity and Islam and the implications for today. While I think the author is unduly harsh on postmodern Christianity and Andrew Sullivan‘s perspective, most of the piece is quite informative. (That’s not to say that I wholly subscribe to postmodern perspectives [...]

Thursday fun link

Worst. Fight. Scene. Ever. Enjoy! Bonus: Cap’n Kirk might have an easier time against this Martian adversary. Via Shaun.

Man, that Jacob Grier is fast! He scooped me on this story, despite living 800 miles away–behold the magic of the internets! So, yes, the announced boycott is already making gains, in that Pat Lynch, the local Bud distributor told the Anniston Star that he’s not opposed to the lifting of the 6 percent ABV [...]

“Because of marital problems, and despite his lack of sailing experience, Bonnet decided to turn to piracy in the summer of 1717.” Real-life Superheroes and Jedi. Monopoly games (with POW escape kits included). Via Jake “The Ockhamist” Allen. Talent is a myth. Via Shaun. A new dialect of Spanish is emerging in NYC. Also via [...]

Boycott Budweiser!

In Jefferson County at least. Free the Hops has the whole sordid tale but the gist is that the county Bud distributor is concerned that relaxing local restrictions on the sale of gourmet beer will have an impact on sales of Bud products. So, what’s the distributor planning to do about it? Use all of [...]

Politics Roundup

Fred’s out. (Note to Thompson supporters: the Ron Paul camp has a big and welcoming tent:) Politicians behaving badly: Giuliani. McCain’s not much better. (Both via Hit & Run). NYC food nannies are watching your waistline. Don’t forget that the Alabama voter registration deadline is January 26th and the primary is on February 5th! More: [...]

Katherine Mangu-Ward has the scoop on a brilliant plan to rid the world of Malaria using genetically-modified mosquitoes. I had a discussion with someone about this very possibility recently and they scoffed at the very idea. Due to the lack of ubiquitous internets (my hope for temporary, self-organizing nanobot screens to materialize out of thin [...]