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Statewide smoking ban?

Several municipalities in Alabama have already passed smoking bans, but that’s evidently not good enough for the bureaucrats at Goat Hill (Bama’s version of Capitol Hill in Montgomery). This AP article provides details on the proposal. Here’s the money graf: Her [Sen. Vivian D. Figures (D-Mobile)] bill would prohibit smoking in all workplaces and nearly [...]

Warblin’ Wednesdays

Well, at least I remembered that I’m starting a recurring series on music that I like, but I’ve just spent the last half hour or so trying to track down a pair of Todd Snider songs that I thought you’d enjoy, especially if you’ve never heard of Todd Snider before. Couldn’t find em, but I’ll [...]

William F. Buckley has passed away. Though not really an integral part of my political development, I have always appreciated Buckley’s wit and considerable debating skills. In an argument, he was truly a force of nature, but he was also a gentleman. He could rip someone to shreds without losing his temper or giving them [...]

For having the courage to stand up against one of the worst pieces of legislation/regulation ever to come out of DC: Real ID. I’ve blogged about Real ID before here and here, but the implementation deadline for state governments is drawing ever closer. Unless folks Rep. Ward and other state legislators are successful in their [...]

Coolest. Graph. Ever.

This NYT graph is one of the most striking displays of info I’ve ever seen. Be sure to use the scroll bar along the bottom to view the entire thing. Update: The link is now included above. Sorry bout that. Via Shaun.

The AIR out there

For those of you interested in technological convergence, this NYT piece is a must-read.

by Grant McCracken. If you’ve never read his blog, you are missing out. Here’s a good pair of grafs: I was sad to see, in the recent New York Magazine treatment of Doug Liman, a note of agony. Liman talks about his new film, Jumper, as something that “completes my sellout trilogy.” He calls Swingers, [...]

I briefly noted the possible political motivation behind the Siegelman prosecution back in September and it looks more and more as though that’s the case. According to an upcoming segment on 60 Minutes, Karl Rove specifically targeted Siegelman and orchestrated his prosecution. Read all about it here. Again, I don’t have much to add. The [...]

Marathon Blues

The weekend before last, I was signed up to run the 2008 Mercedes Marathon, but due to training interruptions and a minor training injury, I was unable to run it this year. Maybe next time, but considering what happened to the original marathoner, I may just stick to shorter races.

Implode it!

This past Sunday, my buddy Morgan and I watched the demolition of the Parliament Hotel in downtown Birmingham. We were only a block from the building and had a pretty good view. It was incredible, as the videos below will show, but I didn’t realize the history behind the old hotel, which has been vacant [...]