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A year ago today, I wrote my first post here. Unfortunately, today has been pretty busy and it’s not stopping yet, so I’ll have to save my reflections and “what I’ve learned from blogging” mumbojumbo for later this evening or tomorrow. Any comments on whether this blog has been informative or at least entertaining would [...]

Going across the pond again this week for one of my favorite songs: “Paint it, Black” by the Stones. Here’s the history and if you find me doing karaoke, it will often be a rendition of this number. Enjoy.

Very bad incentives

Daily Dixie has the scoop on a law here in Bama that allows sheriffs to pocket funds “left over” after feeding inmates as personal income. I’m not advocating steak dinners for inmates or anything (in fact Nutraloaf seems acceptable or even allowing inmates to make their own concoctions), but such a law encourages exactly the [...]

Catching up II

More interesting nuggets for your Wednesday: Did you know that Fairhope, AL was founded as a Georgist experiment and landholding remains governed largely by the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation today? Compare brackets with the candidates: Obama, McCain, and the Clintons have both talked about their brackets, but I can’t seem to find them. Meanwhile, Obama [...]

Catching up

Hola Amigos, I know it’s been awhile since I rapped at ya, so to make up for it, I’m providing you with some linkage to fritter away your afternoon. Some will be old, some new and some, well, just bizarre. I’ll let you sort them out. Was Russell Kirk postmodernist? Sort of, but not really. [...]

This week’s edition is the only hit by Pete Townshend’s side project: Thunderclap Newman. It’s one of my favorite songs and I first heard the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ version, which I like a bit better than the original. Enjoy.

March Madness!

March Madness is upon us. The tournament starts tomorrow, so get your brackets in quickly. I filled out two brackets this year and if I can figure out how to export from turbotourney, I will post them here. I won Round 1 in my pool last year, but then promptly crashed and burned. I have [...]

Back from DC. Really good to see everyone up there, even if too briefly. Your regularly scheduled blogging will continue shortly, including the latest edition of Warblin’ Wednesdays.

The above eloquence brought to you by an esteemed member of the Alabama house who was opposing the Free the Hops bill to raise the alcohol by volume limit for beer sold in the state to 13.9 percent. He wanted to know what’s wrong with good ol’ Miller and Budweiser. Translation: I am totally clueless [...]


I’m on the road this week, which is one of the reasons for the light posting, but in the meantime I’ve dug up a couple of gems for your evening reading Appropos of nothing, here are two great articles by or about folks who’ve become disillusioned with strongly held beliefs: David Mamet discovers spontaneous order, [...]