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Cash’s “Get Rhythm” skillfully mixed with Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Brain”—one of many excellent mash-ups on youtube. Here a couple more good ones. Thanks to Jeremy for making me aware of these.

Thoughts on LLCs

Alex Tabarrok has a very interesting post on libertarianism and limited liability at Marginal Revolution. I’ve had similar discussions with libertarians of all stripes over the years. Limited tort liability for firms is in essence a subsidy to firms–it artificially lowers the cost of doing business by capping the amount that will be paid to [...]

Here’s the unveiling: Blaze blows in at UAB Via sagefats, who has an excellent comparative dragon commentary, though he left out Puff the Magic Dragon and Double Dragon. I didn’t go to UAB, but I have to agree that “Blaze” has more of a cuddly/cute thing going on than you would expect from a creature [...]

Japanese whiskey comes of age. Via Jeremy. Getting around prohibitionist regulations in Iran…and Seattle. Via Shaun. Bonus semi-related links: spending a week in the Islamic Republic of Utah. Gin and TV. Help wanted: drinking buddy opportunity. All via Jacob.

Tomorrow, beginning at 9 am, the Alabama Advisory Committee of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights will hold a public meeting on the “Civil Rights Implications of Eminent Domain Policies and Practices in Alabama.” The meeting will be held at the historic 16th Street Baptist Church. Alabama professor, Dr. David Beito is the chair of [...]

Weekend links

From Alina: Cheesiest love songs. Blackberry peach crisp recipe. From Rachael: Cookie Monster reflects—a classic from McSweeney’s. Best. amateur. light. saber. short. ever. From Kevin: Power and Hydrogen from algae! Protestant theology and finances. From Shaun: 6 word novels. Lazy criminal. From Jacob: Prince William woos his lady like George Bush woos the Navy. Guillermo [...]

World Malaria Day

Is today, April 25th. Here’s last year’s entry. Against Malaria and Africa Fighting Malaria are two great organizations that are fighting this scourge in different but complementary ways. Against Malaria provides insecticide-treated bednets to folks in regions of the world where Malaria is prevalent, such as parts of Africa and Southeast Asia. Malaria-carrying mosquitoes tend [...]

The Raindrop Festival at Bottletree. Randomly ran into the bassist and lead singer for the Monarchs last night. They’re playing Saturday and I’m pretty sure I’ll be at the Festival Saturday evening. Magic City Art Connection–looks like a good art, music and food festival. I’ve never been, but I’m probably going to wander dwon to [...]

Because at least one state legislator there thinks legislation banning fake testicles for vehicles is a such an urgent problem that a bill prohibiting such needs to be passed right now. Florida is not the leader in this particular form of legislative idiocy. I’m not going to puts balls on my Honda, but I support [...]

Warblin’ Wednesdays: jackopierce

I only recently discovered these guys (thanks Rachael!), but so far I’m digging their sound. This one’s called “Rain” (sorry for the sound quality). “Wildflowers” is a good one too, but I’ll let you find that one on your own. Here’s their official site. They’ll have a new album out sometime this year.