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The second annual Magic City Brewfest starts tomorrow at 7pm at Sloss. Hope to see y’all there! While you’re at it, join Free the Hops!

This week’s WW is going to be a little mellower than usual as we sway to the sultry, hypnotic sounds of Over the Rhine. I’ve seen OtR a number of times and they’re consistently fantastic. Here’s my favorite track from their latest album “the Trumpet Child”: In case it slipped past you, this reverie is [...]

And this great “hopumentary” shot by some local college students proves it. I’m the fellow in the green t-shirt who mouths “wow” after a particularly flavorful sample. Kevin makes an appearance as well. Thanks very much to Dan for the heads-up!

Here’s a few beverage ideas to accompany your Memorial Day burgers. (Via Crispy on the Outside.) A couple are only available in California and several are not available here in Alabama because the state senate couldn’t be bothered with getting around to the Gourmet Beer Bill or much of anything else for that matter. (B’ham [...]

Overheard at the post office

Postal worker to lady: you know the first-class rate has increased to 42 cents Lady: Really? It’s gone up again?! You’d think with all the online stuff, the price would be going down… (referring I suppose to the cost efficiencies a “normal” firm might have realized from transferring much of their operations from relatively more [...]

Time is my all-time favorite Pink Floyd song. Closely followed by this week’s lagniappe track: Wish You Were Here. Read more here.

Though the senate failed to free the hops, you can commiserate with fellow beer lovers and drown your sorrows with a very good selection (250+) of tasty brews at the second annual Magic City Brewfest, May 31-June 1 at Sloss. I went to last year’s and had a great time sampling beer and food and [...]

Not at all what you’re thinking I can assure you. Not going to debate the meaning of Matthew 10:34-37 or Luke 14:26, for instance. Rather, I draw your attention to this excellent episode of’s Free Will, where the eponymous host (and a friend of mine) interviews Jeff Sharlet on his new book: The Family: [...]

So, the Alabama senate on its last day in session decided to have another semi-filibuster and not even get around to considering the Gourmet Beer Bill. Here’s hoping for a special session, but I, for one, am pretty upset that our elected representatives continue to act like children (not all of them mind you) and [...]

Betcha thought I forgot. Nah, just procrastinating as usual… The late great Warren Zevon is my pick for this week’s WW. Here’s one of my favorite’s for obvious reasons (Sorry about the sound quality; blame the Beeb): Lagniappe track: The classic Werewolves of London, which includes the fantastic lyric: “You better Stay away from him/He’ll [...]