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This Saturday, August 2nd, come on out and enjoy folk music at Avondale Park. It will be a day of music, food and fun and benefits a very good cause.

WP comment eating/bleg

Can I just say how frustrating and not user-friendly WordPress’ comment management system is. I continue to lose comments like G.R. Kearney’s comment on the Cristo Rey Network post and Xaq’s comment on the White Knight Two post. Google’s cache is not quick enough to save me this time and there appears to be no [...]

A lot of rumors about our state AG Troy King have been swirling about in the ol’ Bama blogosphere. Though I sometimes comment on state politics, I’ve not commented on those rumors because I try not to engage in rumormongering and I think that whatever King does in his personal time is his own business. [...]


Here’s the story. Wired has more.

Radley points to this interesting article on sport lock picking. Though the sport lock picking community would no doubt brand me a n00b for my modest exploit, I have always been fascinated by how locks work and dismayed to discover that many states, including Bama, regulate who can buy/own lock picking tools. I think realtors, [...]

Just finished this excellent article on the Cristo Rey Network of entrepreneurial schools where students pay for much of their tuition by working for a private employer several days a month during the school year with promising results: These start-ups are all committed to enrolling only low-income kids; network-wide, 72 percent of students qualify for [...]

Beer Roundup

Important beer news from around the tri-dub (www:): Jurassic Beer: The 45 million year old brew from Fossil Fuels Brewing Co. Danner reports on the good people of Good People working on a Belgian Pale Ale. It’s nice to have a local brewery in Birmingham and so far I’ve been impressed by the offerings of [...]

I’ve written about the Arthur case before, but Gov. Riley’s “it wouldn’t have made a difference in past cases, therefore it can’t in this one” rationale for denying the the testing is absurd on its face. Here’s Riley making that excuse to the Huntsville Times: “If you look at every one of the cases, at [...]

Me to a T

Via Fats.

Warblin’ Wednesdays: Robinella

My brother-in-law Paul recommended featuring Robinella in an upcoming WW. I haven’t listened to much of her stuff, but I like what I’ve heard so far. Here’s a live version of “Man Over”: Here’s the studio version that won’t allow me to embed the video. Lagniappe track: “Tennessee Saturday Night” Here’s her site. Enjoy. Thanks [...]