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Sorry for the late notice, but if you’re a fan of independent films or just looking for something to do this weekend, come on out to the Sidewalk Festival and check out some amazing independent films!

Warblin’ Wednesdays: STP

I don’t care what anybody says, the Stone Temple Pilots recorded some catchy songs. Ok, so it’s sort of a semi-guilty pleasure left over from high school. And, yes, Scott Weiland is a prima donna and needs to wear shirts more often. Here’s Pretty Penny: Lagniappe tracks: Sour Girl (skip ahead to the 1:20 mark [...]

Lawrence of Arabia and motorcycle safety

I recently watched Lawrence of Arabia for the first time and found it to be quite good, nothing mindblowing, but still really quite good. In case you didn’t know (and I’m probably one of the few who didn’t), it is based on the life of Col. T.E. Lawrence, an archaeologist who became a renowned, if [...]

Here’s a great recent piece from Salon on the debate over whether Autism is actually linked to childhood vaccinations. A taste: Offit also uses the vaccine-autism debate as a case study in how easily society misconstrues science. We are all too eager, he believes, to hold up a single, unverified scientific study as fact. Instead, [...]

Nationalism: so hot right now

Here’s a post that I neglected to publish timely, but since it will just sit around and become more obsolete, I reckon now’s as good a time as any to put it out there. For the record, I love my country and I’m fairly fond of sports, both as a participant and a spectator. I [...]

Warblin’ Wednesdays: The New Familiars

This week’s WW feature the headliners from the Birmingham Folk Festival: The New Familiars. Like many of the new generation of bluegrass and old time pickers, these Charlotte boys know how to throw down. But they do it with a flair all their own. Here’s “Got this Disease”: Lagniappe track: “Wait” There are more great [...]

Yeah, but he’s a neocon Dude.

No, seriously, he’s a neocon with a record. Spent eight years in the White House…. Ok, so torturing those famous lines doesn’t make much sense, but this piece in Slate does (ok, so it’s stretching a bit too:) and celebrates the release of a new edition of one of the best films of all time: [...]

Raw (milk) is War!

Raw is War (pace wrestling fans) when it comes to unpasteurized milk for human consumption. Mark Nolt, a Pennsylvania dairy farmer, has been repeatedly harassed by state health officials for selling unpasteurized cow milk to consumers who believe that they derive health benefits from his products. Unfortunately, the one-size-fits-all Pennsylvania dairy regulations don’t have any [...]

Health Nannies in Hoover

I’m a little late on this news, but the Hoover City Council recently passed a law banning smoking in “public” places. The Council shrewdly adopted a divide and conquer strategy by exempting bars and graciously allowing restaurants to keep their current smoking/non-smoking distinctions (requiring proper ventilation of course), which likely pacified what would have been [...]

Warblin’ Wednesdays: David Bowie

Or Ziggy Stardust, whatever you prefer calling the androgynous wonder that is Bowie. Did you know his eyes are two different colors? Crazy awesome. Anyway, for this week’s installment of WW (coming just under the wire as it often does), I present a well-known, but often misnamed, ballad about a fellow drifting along. Ladies and [...]