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War of the Worlds! Seventy years ago today, a young Orson Welles scared the crap out of one million Americans with a radio drama, scripted to sound like a news bulletin, describing an alien invasion of New York City. Tens of thousands of people headed for the hills, called the police and/or bought firearms or [...]

So election season is thankfully drawing to a close here in Alabama as it is in the rest of the US and we can all go back to griping about the economy and screaming at each other for non-political reasons. Mostly, I have stayed aloof from all the back-and-forth, but there’s one ad on the [...]

Warblin Wednesdays: The Beatles

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles! It’s nearly impossible to pick just one song from the Beatles’ extensive catalogue. I still run across a tune of theirs that I’ve never heard before every now and then. I have some favorites and I definitely prefer their later stuff to the earlier pop phase, but even that is [...]

Shameless self-promotion

One of the perqs of being a volunteer at this year’s Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, apart from meeting fantastic people and learning a bit about film festivals and indie films was a kind shoutout from one of our distinguished jurors, Mr. Eric Campos of filmthreat. From now on feel free to address me as “Captain [...]

All apologies for being MIA these last few weeks. I’ve been getting things sorted and dealing with a hurt back and procrastinating as usual. I hope this post will herald a much-needed return to the blogosphere, but as anyone who has read Lost in the Cosmos can attest (at least those who didn’t skip the [...]