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Meatballs in Tomato Sauce..mmmm!

Though “National Men Cook Dinner Day” is pretty much every day at my house, thanks to the excellent Crispy on the Outside, where many of my friends now blog, I discovered and prepared this meatball recipe this past weekend. As the Crispy Blogfather Baylen remarked, the recipe is “very, very, very disturbingly named.” However, the [...]

All hail Akismet?

As some of you know, I’ve been getting deluged with massive amounts of spam comments that up until yesterday, I was sorting through by hand because my publishing ware’s (wordpress) default spam moderator doesn’t seem to have any sort of spam recognition function. Instead, it just dumps all comments into a moderation queue until you [...]

As usual I’m coming in under the wire:) I’m sticking with the classics as I have for the last few weeks. I hear that the group (including Jason Bonham, John’s son and their current drummer) sans Plant are planning a world tour. Plant is happy w/ his collaboration and tour w/ Alison Krauss, which by [...]

At least according to Charles Bamforth, who has the enviable occupation of “beer scientist” and was favorably profiled in the Birmingham News today. Here’s a sip: Bamforth talked about how beer is a good source of most B vitamins and folic acid. It only is eclipsed by bananas as the richest source of silicon, which [...]

“A Penny for the Guy”

Today is November Fifth or as its known in the UK and former Commonwealth countries: Guy Fawkes’ Day. Read all about it here and get in touch with your inner Anglophile to celebrate if you like. If you’re not inclined to read the backstory above, here’s a summary: Guy Fawkes and his friends were a [...]

President Barack Obama

I, for one, am glad that John McCain did not win last night. Though I voted for the Libertarian Bob Barr, of the major party candidates, Obama at least seems engaged and open to new, fresh ideas. I disagree with many of his positions, but I’m hopeful that his presidency will usher in a more [...]

No this isn’t some sort of sell-out, sponsored post. (Full disclosure though: I worked at Chick-Fil-A in high school and still enjoy their delicious chicken sandwiches on a regular basis.) I promised no political posts til after the election and I mean it. However, this post is tangentially related to the events of today. So, [...]


To my friend Agata whose brilliant concept (see video below) for growing food in transit just made Time’s Best Inventions of 2008 list! Made in Transit: Agata is also a fantastic dance partner!:)

If you don’t use the WordPress blogging platform, the following will probably not be of interest. Sometimes I accidentally delete/spam comments that I meant to approve and sometimes comments are “eaten” by WordPress (though that hasn’t happened in quite some time). The version of WordPress I’m using (2.6.2) has links for “show all comments”, show [...]

Wisdom from a bottle cap

“Read Books Not Bottle Caps.” -from a bottle of Magic Hat #9.