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These guys were definitely part of my college soundtrack. Well before Stacy’s Mom, these guys were poking fun at American life and dreaming of the out-of-reach girl. I couldn’t find a good version of their song “Leave the Biker” for the main selection, but if you do, give it a listen. Instead, we’ll go with [...]

Booking Blagojevich

Ok, so the title’s misleading. Blago has not yet been brought to justice for attempted simony (in the loose sense of buying/selling power). But since I’m just now getting around to reading Freakonomics (available here), I thought that the passage below was pretty interesting. It’s from page 159 in the economics of parenting chapter. The [...]

Infuriating things

People who fail to use merge lanes and/or treat yield signs as stop signs. Look, I understand that not every yield sign has a merge lane accompanying it and in that case you may have to stop at the yield sign during high traffic. However, many, if not most, of the yield signs in the [...]

One of my favorite things

The phrase: “dumb as a bag of hammers”:)