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It’s been awhile since I blogged about delicious beer on this here blog, so here you go: Above image from Neat-o-Rama’s fun facts about beer. I guess you just punch a hole in the bag and chug. Also, St. Arnold is the patron saint of brewing–good to know. (Link via BunBun) Good news on the [...]

The above is quite funny by itself, but Lady Thatcher wasn’t quite sure that anyone would get it or whether this Monty Python “fellow” ought to be trusted in the first place. Writes her former Private Secretary, John Whittingdale: Finally, we got to the day of the speech. The text was finished, it had been [...]

Bill Brand, RIP

One of my favorite beer bloggers, Bill Brand, has passed away. He was a reporter for the Oakland Tribune and wrote a regular beer column entitled “What’s On Tap?” as well as contributing to the Bottom’s Up beer and wine blog. I had just discovered his excellent reportage this past summer and I’m sad to [...]

Like Brian, Radley and Virginia, I have known about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act for a while, but failed to write about it because I’ve been busy with other things and it’s hard to know where to direct your efforts when there are so many foolish laws and regs luging through the halls of [...]

Life imitates art

I’m don’t follow Hollywood gossip and I didn’t see it when it originally aired, but this: Instantly brought to mind this: Phoenix knows what to expect from Letterman and ought to have been prepared to play ball. Letterman took some unfair potshots, but that should be expected too. No doubt Phoenix is depressed or perhaps [...]

Hola Amigos, It’s been awhile since I rapped at ya. Been engaged elsewhere these pat few weeks, but I hope this week’s WW heralds a return to my my semi-regular postings of yore. I have managed to keep up semi-regular postings at the two group blogs, I contribute to: Fr33 Agents and Pieces of Flair. [...]