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Happy Blogiversary to me!

I’m remiss in noting it, but this here blog has been published (semi-regularly) by yours truly for just over two years now. Here’s the first post. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, threats, et cetera at: pintpundit -at- gmail -dot- com. As folks say here in the southland: [...]

Through a gchat custom status message from one of my friends, I discovered Kutiman and his latest project, ThruYou an online album composed entirely of sampled amateur youtube music videos from around the world. Here’s the first track, which is also my favorite. It’s called: “The Mother of all Funk Chords”: Lagniappe: Listen to and [...]

So, I just caved and joined twitter. My first tweet: “Note to Michael Calderone: JournoList and JList are very different.” I know, it should have been hello world, but since i don’t have any followers, I figured I would put something else out there even though that still means I’m talking to empty space. [...]

No, I didn’t do any of those things, but I used to work at Chick-fil-A and unlike many folks who work at restaurants, I still really enjoy eating their delicious chicken sandwiches, nuggets, strips and yes, waffle fries. I was reminded of my years at the Chicken Hut (as some of us call it:) by [...]


Via Alex Tabarrok

It’s been too long since I posted a WW, so this week’s is a “special” treat. This song (the Star Wars Theme/ Cantina Band by Meco) was the number one song on my original birthday in 1977. Note: today is not my birthday, but the stalker-inclined among you can certainly discover the exact date if [...]

Reason continues their excellent series with this piece on the craft beer revolution in these here united states: Speaking of the craft brew revolution, Beer Wars, hits theaters next month! Here’s a sample: In some states, though, craft brewers are behaving badly. Michelle Minton reports that craft brewers in Colorado are opposing measures that [...]

When kid’s dirtbikes are outlawed because of lead content, only outlaw kids will ride dirtbikes, er something like that. Motorcycles, dirtbikes, ATVs designed for younger riders cannot be sold under the CPSIA provisions which took effect last month, according to this AP story (link via Reason). Not only will children be deprived of vintage or [...]

Sentence of the hour

“Nations, like individuals, cannot become desperate gamblers with impunity.” This truth applies whether the bet is made by individuals acting foolishly or by governments essentially pooling everyone’s stack to chase a straight draw to the river. The difference is that in the former case, the individual realizes the loss, in the latter, everyone loses. Of [...]

Passed the house this week, despite absurd and blatantly wrong diatribes by opponents. (Listen here) The level of debate has not much improved since last year when the measure also passed. Does this faux moralistic tongue wagging fool anyone these days? It’s for the children! No, you’re playing to your base and evidently some members’ [...]