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And encourage him or her to vote yes on HB373. The Gourmet Beer bill looks to be heading to a floor vote in the senate and needs your help to get it passed! Free the Hops!

Blight Me!

The Alabama Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights will be hearing testimony on eminent domain abuse in Alabama at a daylong panel in Montgomery, this Wednesday from 9am-5pm. David Beito, the chair of the Alabama Advisory Committee and professor at the University of Alabama explains why such a panel is necessary in [...]

Gov. Rick Perry’s speeches supportive of the tea parties and a stronger Tenth Amendment also hints at the possibility of Texas using secession threats as part of future negotiations with the feds, which is precisely what Free State Project folks have said they would try to use secession threats for—bargain for freedom with the threat [...]

Here’s a good video from More. Almost anything would be preferable to the current code. How about a flat tax of 2 percent or a federal sales tax of 1 percent? Previous tax day posts here and here. Heading down to the Birmingham-area Tea Party at 6:30. Hope to see you there. A brief [...]

The Belgian Job

Incredible, but true, story of possibly the largest diamond heist in history from the latest issue of Wired. Moral of the story: Be very careful when throwing out the trash.

A tale of two planes

So, a guy steals a plane from a Canadian flight school and flies into US airspace. F-16s are scrambled and eventually the man flying lands on a Missouri highway and is apprehended after leaving the plane. I have no idea who this guy is or why he did what he did, but it strikes me [...]

Fortunately, this sort of nonsense has been mostly squelched here in Bama (for now), but, no doubt Blaine Galliher or some other busybody will try to get another licensing regime passed into law that will pass constitutional muster. Here’s the ever-excellent on the horrors of unlicensed interior designers: The idea that consumers can’t be [...]