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As most of you are no doubt aware, Governor Riley signed the Gourmet Beer Bill into law on Friday. While I’d like to think that my first post as Birmingham’s Political Issues Examiner this past Thursday had something to do with it, the truth is that this victory is the result of the efforts of [...]

This Tuesday, May 16th, will be the first meeting on the Birmingham chapter of Liberty on the Rocks, which is a social club for folks who are fans of freedom. The festivities begin at 7pm at the J. Clyde on Southside. Our very special guests for this initial event are the crew of the Motorhome [...]

Now lets make sure Governor Riley does the right thing.

Evidently, some topics are too taboo even for Larry Langford: The flap began when Hartley made comments about a “brain drain” in the city and the lack of cooperation between Birmingham and surrounding municipalities. Hartley said most of his classmates don’t live in Birmingham and have moved to other areas. “I wasn’t implying that they [...]

Not everyone can share a birthday with one of the greatest intellects of all time, but my Dad, who is no intellectual slouch himself, shares one with the late, great Friedrich Hayek. Previous Birthday wishes to both. (Go here for more info on Hayek and links to essential readings.) Even Reason can’t keep track of [...]

and politicians will not hesitate to pander in the face of tragedy. Megan Meier’s death is certainly a tragedy, but a restriction on “bullying speech” could not have prevented it. Reactionary laws, which are all the rage these days, don’t really make us safer or solve the problems they’re passed to address. Mostly such laws [...]

As y’all know, I recently joined the twittersphere. It appears that state senator Erwin, who is holding up the Gourmet Beer Bill, has also been tweetin’. As indefatigable freedom fighter Steve Gordon notes, Mr. Erwin has been tweeting away about his thus far successful efforts at filibustering to prevent the Gourmet Beer Bill from being [...]

Speaking of ridiculous laws and impediments to progress, senator Hank Erwin is filibustering efforts to get Alabama’s six percent cap on beer removed. And one local blogger, liberty-lover and brew connoisseur is having none of it: Hell hath no fury like a beer aficionado scorned. Steve Gordon is on a roll. He’s calling out state [...]

The 135th running of the Kentucky Derby will take place today at 6pm EST. Billed as the fastest two minutes in sports, I prefer to think of it as the terrible and glorious spectacle immortalized by Hunter S. Thompson. (Note: if you’re not familiar with Hunter Thompson, this is a good place to start. However, [...]