Free The Hops!

Many of you here in Alabama may be aware of the Prohibition-era laws that regulate the alcohol by volume of beer to 6% and the size of a container of beer to one pint (16 US ounces). One group’s sole mission is to change these antiquated and unnecessary laws. The wonderful folks over at Free The Hops are committed to removing these restrictions so that all Alabamians may enjoy the delicious, delicious gourmet, craft beers from around the world, which beer-lovers in all these fifty fantastic states can enjoy, unless you happen to live here or in one of the other 3 states that have the 6% restriction. We’re the only state with the size restriction, which means that a lot of high-quality beers in big bottles are excluded. Currently, FTH has a bill, which raises the ABV limit to 14.9% and completely removes the cap on container size. The bill has already passed out of committee in the State House and Senate and is set to be voted on by the House this Tuesday, April 3rd! If you are a beer-lover or just love sweet, sweet freedom, contact your State Representative and urge him or her to support HB 195! Look up Representative here.

Think your beer selection here in Bama is good enough? Check out the Missing Beers page at FTH. And, while you’re at it, join FTH. It’s only $25 a year and it’s for a great cause.