Interesting results on the effects of cold weather on life expectancy.

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  1. 1 Kevin

    Don’t forget about the converse affect of weather on aggressive behavior (violence, that is).

    Prof links violence to temperatures
    An increase of two degrees Fahrenheit could result in 24,000 more deaths in the United States alone
    “There’s research going back hundreds of years that shows that warmer climate leads to more aggressive behavior,” he said. “The implication is obvious.”

    Hot Weather Helps Crime To Grow – Brief Article
    Crime statistics rise in July and August, when the temperatures begin to bake a majority of the country, he points out.

    “One of the reasons is … `heat aggravation.’ It gets hot and people get mad more easily. That leads to a loss of tempers and then to problems between people. At the same time, there is more opportunity for criminal activity during the warm summer months as opposed to February [the lowest month for crime reports]. Summer brings potential victims, offenders, and things to steal all together at one time.”

    Here is a letter to the editor discussing both the effects of cold weather itself as a threat and the indirect effect of cold weather or criminal behavior:

    The most comical and least scientific story I found comes from the Sep. 10, 1928 edition of TIME based on a 12 year study of crime & weather stats of NYC and Denver:,9171,927788,00.html

    Misbehavior is less on calm days than on windy, because when weather is calm the air contains an excess of carbon dioxide, which lessens vitality.

    Murders increase during dry and windy periods, because of the prevailing high electric potentiality of the atmosphere.

    In summer people are outdoors, have free opportunity to quarrel; commit acts of violence. In winter living becomes difficult; people steal and commit other acts against property.

    Above 85° F. people become too lethargic to quarrel.

    Suicides are fewest in physically comfortable weather. Most happen in May.

    An approaching storm excites some people to violence.

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