Running man

I’ve taken to running in the past couple of months and this Saturday marks my first “competitive” event. Billed as the Twilight/Retro 5k, it features 3.1 miles of running (in case your metric-English converter is off) on an allegedly flat course, a nifty running jersey, and beer and bbq for the racers, the last two being pretty strong incentives to actually finish the event.

In case you actually clicked on the link above, the large picture at the top is not representative of Alabama runners. Rather, the “Retro” part of the event means that the person dressed in the most bizarre old-school running outfit will win 100 bucks. I think (hope) that guy in the picture was last year’s winner. It’s not like I’ve lived anywhere else where people dress up for a race…

Update: I finished the 5k on Saturday a few seconds under 35 minutes. I was just glad to finish and enjoy some delicious beer and a little bbq. The guy who placed first finished in 13 minutes, just over 4 minute miles, which is amazing. The race was crowded, but pretty flat, as advertised. There were also a lot of outrageous costumes and wigs (how people run in all that getup is a mystery to me). I’m digging the running thing, but I think I’m going to take it easy–unlike this guy, who is awesome, but completely nuts.

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  1. 1 Jason

    Was that the year you ran the 69K?

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