As many of you may know, I have been obsessed with flying cars (or aeromobiles, as I like to call them) for some time now. See here and here. Moller International, developer of the SkyCar that I often use as an example of a viable aeromobile, announced recently that they have begun commercial production of their M200G Volantor, a flying saucer-type vehicle resembling the Jetson’s flying car, that Moller bills as “the ultimate off-road vehicle.” The initial price forecast for the Volantor is about $90k.

While not a true flying car in the sense of being able to fly yourself nearly anywhere, like work or the beach, the Volantor represents an important step towards an affordable flying car and a giant leap forward for personal aeromobility.

Press coverage here, here (w/ video) and here.

3 Responses to “Flying cars are here at last, sort of”  

  1. 1 kevin

    Pretty soon we will be able to have flying car races!

  2. 2 kevin

    see the Red Bull Air Race Series on youtube


  3. 3 fats

    Kevin Smith’s Dante & Randal discuss the flying car here.

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