Things are never gonna change. If you’re going to be doing any driving next week (August 13th-18th), be aware that Alabama’s traffic nannies have announced their intentions to dig into your wallet with as much zeal as a zero-tolerance “Operation Take Back Our Highways” implies. Though such an enforcement blitz is likely to fill state and local coffers, it will also make driving less safe as drivers focus more on avoiding a ticket than paying attention to road and traffic conditions. Law does not supersede reality. Not maintaining speed consistent with the usual flow of traffic on a particular road not only incurs the wrath of those who are, but can actually create dangerous situations. This visa commercial comes to mind. The danger is compounded by those drivers who believe that since they’re “in the right” according to the traffic law, they shouldn’t have to yield to folks violating the law. For the safety of everyone, you should swallow your pride (or whatever your motivation for obstructing other drivers is) on the road. I’ve said much of this before.

You might think that I’m a traffic anarchist, and in some ways I am, since it seems to work out pretty well, and I do think that the percentage of police resources devoted to traffic control is absurd, even here in Bama where, fortunately, our highway patrol usually only has 360 officers patrolling state highways and interstates. However, even I wouldn’t oppose a well-crafted reckless-driving statute that would enable officers to fine, and possibly remove, drivers who are actually posing a danger to others (for whatever reason) rather than merely exceeding arbitrarily set speed limits.

So, keep an eye out next week and try to juggle driving safely with avoiding the man.

Headline allusion here. Thanks to Matt for the original heads-up on this.

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