Bond. Immigration bond.

Yes, the Great North American Travelogue is compiling itself at this very moment. I will have it up by the end of the week, but it will consist of several posts, so please be patient. (Procrastination, thy name is Thomas Pearson.) And as Nikki so kindly confirmed that my typing speed is permanently set to “snail,” such that longer posts take much longer to put together and publish, I thought I would give y’all something to chew on in the meantime.

My views on immigration are no secret, but I’m mostly preaching to the choir. My good friend and economist, Steve Saletta, however, has a proposal that ought to appeal to everyone across the political spectrum: immigration bonds. The gist:

If an immigrant wants a three-year work visa, the insurance policy should cover the taxes that he or she would pay over that three-year stay in the country, plus the cost of deportation, if it ever comes to that. After those three years are up, the policy should allow for a three-year extension. Once an immigrant has been living here for six years and paying taxes, the Department of Homeland Security should send that person a green card.

As for the premium, it could be compared to a bail bond, which costs 10% of bail. Given that the average federal income tax bill totals $30,000 over three years, the price of an immigration bond might be, we could reasonably hope, no more than 10% of that, or $3,000. That’s affordable. It’s not far from the amount some illegals now pay smugglers to get them in.

Sounds reasonable to me and evidently the folks at Forbes agree. The above paragraphs are from the latest “On My Mind” feature along with a striking pic of Steve. Check out the whole thing here.

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