Ona’s Music Room

If you live anywhere near Birmingham and have even the slightest interest in Jazz, Blues and their many variants, you must check out Ona’s Music Room at 423 20th Street South. I’ve driven past many times and thought that it looked interesting, but never ventured in until last night to see “Bethany Borg and Friends” perform a variety of jazz numbers. The owner and famed musician in his own right, Ona Watson, was there as well. The layout and atmosphere of the place is perfect; dark and sometimes smoky with just the right blend of snazzy and rundown to give the place an authentic feel. Do yourself a favor and go.

2 Responses to “Ona’s Music Room”  

  1. 1 shaun (jeromes friend)

    ive actually met and talked to ona before. a really nice/genuinely cool guy. i agree – go.

  2. 2 tom

    He seemed like a cool cat, but I didn’t have the cajones to speak w/ him.

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