Five Guys is here!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good cheeseburger and while I generally prefer homemade (because I can make it as rare as I want to), there are several places around town that make a delicious cheeseburger. I happen to think that Hamburger Heaven (which, even with three locations, inexplicably has no website) is the best “fast food” burger in town, followed closely by Milo’s Hamburgers (it would be number one, but they overcook the beef and the lack of toppings is a minus, even though the secret sauce is delicious). And, as I have said before, Golden Rule also makes a tasty cheeseburger.

That being said, one of my favorite burger joints in the DC area has opened a location in Birmingham over at Brookwood Mall. Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries in what has to be a franchising record has expanded to ‘Bama in the two years since I moved back to Birmingham from DC. The quickness of their spread along the East Coast is even more amazing considering their legendary quality control measures, which Jacob noted awhile back. The burgers at 5 Guys are delicious. Thick, juicy and cooked fresh, like Hamburger Heaven’s, but with a range of toppings that put other places to shame. (Please don’t even mention Fuddrucker’s here. Their dry burgers can’t hold a candle to 5 Guys.) I’m not a huge fan of 5 Guys’ fries, but that’s because I don’t dig on fries that much. If you love burgers, you have to try 5 Guys.

Caveat: Consummate Big Lebowski fan that I am, I have yet to discover the joys of an In-N-Out burger, but I would be willing to back 5 Guys in a taste test. If In-N-Out begins an equally ambitious expansion plan, I think we may have an East Coast/West Coast burger war on our hands.

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  1. 1 shaun (jeromes friend)

    rare is king.

    cant agree on milo’s though. i think its because im not a native (something about the boob milk around here?). the sauce…. not so much. (vomit gravy).

    i will fore sure have to try 5 guys… ive heard mixed reviews on the in and out. . . (but due to the ‘big’ i wld love it anyway).

    afterthought: if my no caps/bad grammar-punctuation bothers you – word is _ i type much faster than you.

  2. 2 tom

    Any fan of Holden is a friend of mine. I usually call him Jeremiah. You also run much faster than me:) See you tomorrow night, as I understand it.

  3. 3 Jeff

    Having tried both, I can safely say that Five Guys mops the floor with In-N-Out.

    Honestly, Wendy’s beats In-N-Out in my book, and Wendy’s isn’t even that good. Fatburger’s better, but it still isn’t Five Guys.

    Your Big Lebowski food fix is better satisfied by the consumption of copious amounts of White Russians…

  4. 4 tom

    Duly noted, Jeff. Beginning copious consumption immediately.

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