I voted McCheese for Mayor

I haven’t really followed the Birmingham mayoral election much, but I was disheartened to see that Larry Langford had won. His “Let’s Do Something!” slogan seemed random, as if it had been plucked from genericpoliticalslogans.com and, of course, I hold to Thoreau’s admonition “that government is best which governs least.” Kincaid’s terms as mayor were at least marked by restraint, a word I’m afraid Langford doesn’t know the meaning of.

The Reverend Dr. John has a good take on the race and what it might mean for Birmingham. Also, if you haven’t seen his speech at the West Alabama straw poll in support of Ron Paul, you should.

Nominally related link. (Scroll down to “Election” and watch the video. Warning: Some of you may find some of the language on this page offensive).

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  1. 1 shaun

    I didn’t follow the election all that closely either (I am not a resident of Birmingham city). The city is known for it’s political shenanigans though, and i was hoping that any changes would be for the good. Reading the linked blog seems to indicate that is not the case. That’s unfortunate. I think Birmingham has a lot of potential, but one stupid decision after another by politicians has prevented it from being anything but a dying, crime plagued city. The mayor is not the only position to be critical of either. From the little I have read the city council can’t even act civil towards one another. It’s really to the point of being sad.

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