When BBQ is outlawed…

Completely absurd. The Wallonia region of Belgium will, beginning in June, charge a fee of 20 Euros for cooking out in the region. Why? Because grilling releases CO2 into the atmosphere and, apparently, the backyard grill is such a significant source of CO2 that it warrants a tax, so that all of the evil backyard chefs can pay back the damage they’ve caused to society.

And where, one might ask, will that money go? A local recycling program? A save the rainforest fund? Perhaps into greenhouse gas reduction technologies? Nope. It will likely help pay the fuel and upkeep costs of the
, equipped with thermal-imaging gear, that will be used to enforce this grilling regulation. Yup, helicopters. To make sure people paid their bbq tax.

Tip o’ the Tam o’ Shanter to Reason’s Hit & Run.

Update: I’m an April Fool! Turns out this story was a joke all along. All apologies. Thanks to eagle-eyed reader, my former taskmaster and commenter extraordinaire, Jim Harper, for pointing out my gullibility.

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  1. 1 Jim Harper

    This is the best blog ever.

  2. 2 Jeremy Lott

    Harper’s got a point.

  3. 3 Jim Harper

    Can I just say how much I love your blog?

  4. 4 Jim Harper

    This blog is SUPER great.

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    This blog is better than massages in Shanghai! Thanks, Thomas.

  6. 6 Jim Harper

    I’m a total fan of this blog.

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    I love your categories. They’re funny!

  8. 8 Jim Harper

    Wait a second! I just learned that this story was a ruse!


    This blog isn’t very reliable.

    I’m not sure I like it so much any more.

  9. 9 Jim Harper

    This blog is weak.

  10. 10 Jim Harper

    Lame blog, dude.

  11. 11 MHK

    I’d just like to reiterate the comments of Jeremy Lott and the 5 Jim Harpers (strange coincidence, don’t you think?) and tell you how much I’m enjoying your blog thus far.

  12. 12 MHK

    Oh, wait a second. You’re promoting lies and ignorance now? I’d like to reiterate the comments of the three Jim Harpers who said this blog sucks ass.

  13. 13 Jeremy Lott

    Fickleness, thy name is Madison.

  14. 14 fats

    I demand a retraction and an apology to the great Belgian people.

  15. 15 Jacob

    I’ve seen better blogs on MySpace.