Tomorrow is Repeal Day. I will be celebrating this freedom by exercising it (I am the “pintpundit” after all) and I encourage y’all to do the same.

Thanks to Jacob for reminding me of it and linking to this video of things that are still prohibited brought to you by the good folks at Bureaucrash. Jacob has also created a bold cocktail recipe that appears to walk the fine line between madness and genius. I call it the Highland Smoke. If he makes a pipe tobacco version, I suggest, you know what’s coming, the Highland Piper.

Here are a couple of links cataloging the failures of the Drug War, our generation’s version of Prohibition. In Alabama, beer above 6% ABV is prohibited, as are, uh, “marital aids.”

Also, the folks at Dewar’s encourage you to contemplate what life would be like without the 21st Amendment. Truly frightening.

We’re not done yet.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Bourbon lover in your life, this would probably be appreciated. (h/t to Shaun)

How does one become a “spirit sommelier“? (h/t to James)

Last, but certainly not least, if you’re looking for a good egg nog recipe, look no further. With the help of several friends, I made up a batch this past weekend. Well, a half-batch anyway. Result: Delicious!

Update: Happy Repeal Day!

If the above links weren’t enough, Shaun sends along two more for your consideration.

If you love single malt Scotch, like I do, this is the article for you. Note, Laphraoig is probably my favorite Scotch ever and it is is a distinctive taste. Ron Bailey and I once had a discussion on whether Laphraoig or Lagavulin was best. He appreciated the latter and was generous enough to let me sample it. I remained unconvinced, though Lagavulin is very good.

If you’re tastes are more exotic, you might want to try some genuine, U.S.-made Absinthe, which is evidently enjoying a renaissance the world over, despite the persistent scare stories that led to its eventual ban.

Jacob reminds us that we’re not out of the woods when it comes to Prohibition-era alcohol distribution regulations:

Then there’s the legislative legacy of Prohibition itself. Though the 21st Amendment ended the national ban on alcohol consumption, the regulatory power it left to states remains an impediment to truly free markets. The ubiquitous three-tier system of wholesalers, distributors, and retailers has spawned a bevy of laws that benefit middlemen at the expense of consumers. Outdated constraints on direct sales increase the costs of alcohol, while bans on direct shipping often make it impossible to order boutique spirits, wines, and beers. Even as the internet has granted consumers access to the abundant long tail of countless goods, drink lovers remain trapped in a 1930s model of distribution.

Something I’ve harped on less eloquently before. But let’s forget our troubles for a moment and raise a toast to the 21st Amendment!

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  1. 1 Jacob

    Hey Tom, thanks for the link, and glad to hear you’ll be celebrating too. But knowing us, we’d probably be celebrating inadvertently regardless of our awareness of the day’s significance.

    I love the name for the drink! I have a name for when I use pipe tobacco, but unfortunately that hasn’t worked out yet. I’m going to call it the Magritte, because if the smoke police crack down on it one could reply “ceci n’est pas une pipe.”

  2. 2 shaun

    Nice. I actually read an article recently (sorry, but I can’t remember where) where they used tobacco infused whiskey. They also said they would toss some leather in a whiskey to bring out the “sweet notes.”

  3. 3 Stephen Gordon


    The article in question may be this one.

    While I’ve not yet tried tobacco infused whiskey, I do enjoy the opposite: Maker’s Mark cigars.

  4. 4 Jacob

    I’m with Ron. Nothing beats a neat Lagavulin 16!

  5. 5 Jim Harper

    This is a really great blog. It’s great! I love it.

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  2. 2 Jacob Grier

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