Stearns Coffee

On the recommendation of my good friend Jacob who knows a thing or two about these things, I went to the recently-opened Stearns Coffee in Huntsville with some friends. Proprietor Daniel Stearns used to be a coffee chef (I just can’t get used to saying barista) at Murky Coffee in DC with Mr. Grier and has brought delicious brewed beans to Bama.

Not being much of an expert (I usually drink Folger’s, sorry Jacob), I took a chance on the coffee of the day: Kuta, which is from Papua, New Guinea, I believe. Now, even though my daily cup is more pedestrian, I do appreciate the good stuff and this was good stuff. The flavor was subtle, rich and nutty, but had a spicy flavor that I never quite put my finger on–one of the best cups I’ve ever had. The shop itself is a bit small, but clean and well-staffed. They have an excellent ambient soundtrack, but don’t play it too loud, which is nice. Didn’t get a chance to taste the pastries, but I will next time. The general atmosphere is great, but it definitely needs breaking in to give the place the kind of character you find in time-worn coffee shops. So, if you live in Huntsville or Madison or are just passing through the area, go and enjoy a delicious cup of joe at Stearns!

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  1. 1 Jacob

    Hey, glad you were able to check it out — and that the coffee surpassed your usual Folgers!

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