Sunday evening links

This piece by Freakonomics‘ authors Dubner and Levitt powerfully illustrates the law of unintended consequences and the folly of good intentions when it comes to public policy.

Oops. And more oops.

That plane doesn’t exist.” (this one’s for the black helicopter folks, which reminds me… (contains profanity).

Beware door-to-door tattoo artists.

Having fun in the Czech Republic.

Hmmm…maybe flushing all that grease, flour and rags wasn’t such a good idea.

Putting the buck into Starbucks. Until then, order the “short”.

“Snail mail” is not a misnomer in Poland.

Most of the above via Shaun, who is either the most efficient surfer I have ever known or has even more free time than I do.

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  1. 1 Janet

    I’m only switching to $1 Starbucks if it’s as tasty as my skinny lattes. Otherwise, I’m just getting a Timmy’s – Canada style.

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